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2018 Los Angeles Rams training camp, Week 1 review, or how I met Stan Kroenke

If you’re a Rams fan, UC Irvine is the place to be in late July.

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp

If you’re a Rams fan, training camp is a must-see event. Even if you go only once, take the kids and enjoy an up close and personal chance to see your favorite team and players. Opportunities abound for getting autographs and pictures both before practice and after. There’s a Ram Fan Zone this year and plenty of booths and things for the kids to do.

And in 2018, practice has a different vibe then the past.

Last year, it was the unknown. This year, there’s a quiet confidence evident from the moment the Rams take the field. These Rams are flying around the field and the players and coaches look determined to win Los Angeles a Super Bowl this year.

I thoroughly enjoy the experience even if it gets a little hot at U.C. Irvine. My philosophy on football weather is: “Its about mind over matter—if you don’t mind, it don’t matter” even when my Rams are playing in sub-zero temperatures or excruciating humidity.

Over the last three years, I been extremely fortunate to collect autographs from QB, Jared Goff, DT Aaron Donald, RB, Todd Gurley and last year Head Coach Sean McVay. I prominently display these autograph footballs in my locked case to my friends, A treasure trove of future Hall of Famers which I will no part with.

Its a amazing to see the smile on the children as coach Fassell invites in them onto the field for a little run and catch routes. You know that youngster its going to remember that moment for a lifetime.

And, who can forget Rampage. He’s adorable. Always with a hug for the kids. Always available for picture making his way around the bleachers with the cheerleaders not too far behind.

But I have to say, yesterday was the topper.

Even an old man like me gets starstruck

As I was making my way to my seats yesterday, I spotted a person quietly walking with a lot of security, which instantly got my attention. It was Stan Kroenke owner of the team, the man who returned the team to its rightful home, the city of Los Angeles.

At that moment all I could say was “I love you Stan.”

He turned and opened his arms and said. “I love you too.”

I waved him to go over. He began to approach.

At that moment, I felt the weight of all the diehards who had waited 22 years for “The Return”—what do I say?

When he came over, I reached out to shake his hand and said, “I want to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my Rams home.”

You have to understand that in the English language there are very few words which one can say when your truly grateful, except “Thank-you”

In this case the Rams returning to Los Angeles was all I had wished for 22 years and I know fellow diehards like me felt exactly the same, now I was their voice as well as mine.

Stan replied “No problem, Thank you!”

And then my moment arrived, I said can I get a picture of us. He said “Sure” and my daughter’s cell phone went into high gear.

The Professor and some other guy.

Why does that moment mean so much?

I really can’t say why, its a feeling I have. A feeling that dreams do come true and this once in a lifetime opportunity to say “Thank-you” to the person most responsible for this.

I’ve had a lot of wonderful memories since the Rams returned, but that one may be the topper of them of all and now I have a picture to remind me that I fulfilled my quest to say the words I been wanting to say to the person who made it all come true.