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2018 Los Angeles Rams Roster Preview: DL Ndamukong Suh and the one year road show

In the 2010 NFL Draft, the then-St. Louis Rams passed on Suh in favor of QB Sam Bradford. Now eight years later, Suh has jumped aboard to push this Rams team towards a championship. Will it pay off?

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When the Los Angeles Rams signed Ndamukong Suh as an unrestricted free agent, they took what was already an extremely talented unit and made it potentially historic. With Suh, Michael Brockers, and Aaron Donald, the Rams undoubtedly have the most talented defensive line in the NFL - one that QBs will have a hard time escaping in the 2018 NFL season. If they do escape, they’ll be left scrambling to throw the ball to a similarly talented secondary.

Good luck.

Roster Battle


Keep on truckin’. Suh has been pretty healthy throughout his career so that’s not really a concern - even as he enters the season at 31-years old.

If I’m splitting hairs, Suh will be adjusting to a new alignment on the DL. But something tells me he will be just fine.

Chances of Making Roster (10/10)

Big-time free agents don’t get cut after signing with a new team. He’ll be a wrecking ball from day 1.