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Los Angeles Rams to wear 4,228,196 uniform combinations in 2018

Throwbacks! Blue and white! Color rush! Something called “Kroenke Orange!” Uniforms!

Nothing about the Los Angeles Rams’ uniforms since they returned has made sense. And with an announcement today that they will wear the (perfect) throwback blue-and-yellow scheme for five games this year, that hasn’t really changed.

So for the first four homes games (two in preseason, Weeks 2 and 3 in the regular season against the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Chargers) and all road contests, the Rams will wear some variation of the blue/white/gold scheme. For the other five homes games in LA, they will wear the throwback blue-and-yellow that the NFL has approved to become the base uniform until new uniforms in 2020. The Rams’ other home game this year is the Week 11 game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City; for that game and the Week 7 game at San Francisco, they will wear the color rush uniforms.

Rams Chief Operating Office/Vice President Kevin Demoff said the following in an official statement:

Since returning home to Los Angeles two years ago, we have received a lot of feedback from our fans about their love for these iconic uniforms. We appreciate the NFL working with us so we can celebrate even more of the history of Los Angeles Rams football over the next two years as we create our new look that will take us into our new home and the future.

Why didn’t the Rams get this right two years ago when they returned to LA? Who knows. Mistakes past.

At least for now, we’ll get those iconic (and again, perfect) throwbacks more often...until the team yanks them away for something new in 2020.

And let this serve as yet another reminder of the effect fans have on the product they want. If enough fans make their voices heard, they can get the change they want. #powertothepeople