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2018 Los Angeles Rams Roster Preview: TE Gerald Everett looks to expand role

Can the tight end begin to look like like the player many compared him to when coming out of college?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Being first in anything carries a large burden.

That much remains true for Los Angeles Rams second-year TE Gerald Everett.

No, he wasn’t the first selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, but he was the first pick by the new regime of Head Coach Sean McVay and General Manager Les Snead.

Everett was routinely compared to Washington TE Jordan Reed, which is ironic because McVay coached Reed for several years in Washington. Might that have had something do with the Rams seeking to select Everett?


Everett had a long road to the NFL attending Hutchinson Community College before the University of Alabama at Birmingham (closed football program) and lastly the University of South Alabama.

He made waves at his last stop in South Alabama as a strong move TE with elite yards-after-catch (YAC) ability. It lead to a Senior Bowl invite, and ultimately being selected 44th overall by the Rams in 2017.

Roster battle

Everett’s main roster battle are third-year TE’s Tyler Higbee (roster preview) and Temarrick Hemingway (roster preview). Higbee is a superior blocker to Everett which will always keep him in an important role in the offense. Higbee was the starting TE last year and understandably so. Tight end is arguably the hardest position - sans QB - for rookies to translate to.

Everett does possess something that no other TE on the roster does though: a perfect fit in today’s league as a move TE who can perform as an oversized receiver. Not only has Everett shown in flashes that his talent can translate, but he’s operating in the offense that made Reed take the league by storm as an elite move-TE.


I expect a decent increase everywhere from Everett. Progression as a blocker and much more inclusion in the offense leading to an increase in stats.

Everett only had 16 receptions, 244 yards, and two touchdowns last year. If all goes well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of those marks reach nearly double.

Chances of Making Final Roster (10/10)

Everett is a sure thing when it comes to making the roster.