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2018 Los Angeles Roster Preview: C Brian Allen is ready to chop it up

Allen is the highest drafted center the Rams have taken since Alabama’s Barrett Jones in 2013. Will Allen’s NFL career last longer than Jones’?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams C Brian Allen whom the Rams took with the 111th overall pick in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft is the center the Rams have drafted earliest since taking Barrett Jones at #113 in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Needless to say as a Rams draft pick he has little to live up to. However, starting C John Sullivan has been very solid and a difference maker something the Rams hadn't had at the position in at least 10 years.


Allen has a low bar and little competition to go with it. Barring injury, Sully is fully expected to resume his role as the starter for at least the 2018 season having re-signed with the Rams on a two-year deal in March. But it’s worth noting that Sully and Allen are the only two players on the roster whose primary position is center. There are other players that can play the position, but it's Sully and Allen’s bread and butter.

Allen's job this season will be to show hes just good enough to maintain a role on the 53-man roster whole he sits and learns and gets physically bigger and stronger. Coming out of college he reminded me a lot of C Tim Barnes, just a more physical version of him.

Roster Battle

Interior OL Austin Blythe is the real threat to Allen. He is not settled into a role specifically but that versatility is also what makes him a threat. In a world that only allows 53 men on a roster with 21 other positions that need depth (24 other positions including specialist), you can't dwell too much on one position. Blythe's versatility can go a long way in that regard. The ability to play both center and guard equally as well makes it tempting to try and stash Allen on the practice squad and use that spot for someone else.

Chances of making the roster (6/10)

He's going to have really battle it out. He needs to get stronger but his motor and effort is undeniable. He'll have to bring that physicality that showed up on tape every week in camp and during the preseason.

If so, he should be in the mix this year.