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Random Ramsdom 7/13: Grasshoppers, an excellent source of protein

Michael Brockers enjoys Mexican cuisine and the new kickoff rules could make the Rams special teams even more dangerous

St Louis Rams v Washington Redskins
Michael Brockers recently visited Mexico in anticipation of the Rams International Game in November.
Photo by TJ Root/Getty Images

How will the new kickoff rules affect the Rams special teams? I Rams Official Site

In the spirit of player safety, there will be a few new rules this season. But how will they affect the Rams prolific special teams? See what Coach Bones and return specialist Pharoh Cooper have to say about the rules, and why the Rams are poised to take advantage of them. This could be one of the more unheralded reasons that the Rams are able to maintain and build on the success of 2017.

Michael Brockers eats grasshoppers in Mexico | Rams official site

With the Rams set to clash with the Chiefs in Mexico City next November, defensive lineman Michael Brockers headed south of the border…and ate grasshoppers. While I’m sure Bear Grylls would claim grasshoppers are an excellent source of protein, it’s hard to imagine how many bugs Big Brock would have to scarf down to power him through a practice or game. Get Brockers’ review of Mexican cuisine as well as his general experience south of the border.

While the international series may be met with some frustration by many fans who would prefer not to sacrifice a home game, these trips are memorable should you be able to attend. Hopefully a fair share of Rams fans can make it to Mexico in November.

Colin Cowherd ranks NFL arsenals I Fox Sports

Colin Cowherd says the Rams have the third best offensive arsenal in the league, find out why. This is yet another clip that will leave the Rams fan base gassed up. Also, Colin has spittle on his chin throughout; you might want to just listen to the audio.

Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley doing offseason Rocky Workouts I SportsCenter Twitter

We’ve seen Todd Gurley hurdle over defenders plenty of times, but SportCenter tweeted out a glimpse of the training that makes those sort of moments possible. Check out this clip of Gurley and rookie running back Saquon Barkley going from a 315 pound deadlift to a 42 inch box jump.

Revenge Of The Birds ranks NFC West quarterbacks I Revenge Of The Birds, SB Nation

Alex Mann ranked the NFC West’s current stables of quarterbacks for SB Nation’s Revenge Of The Birds (Cardinals site). The NFC West has quickly become one the more quarterback-heavy divisions in the league with names like Wilson, Goff, Garapplakdijd, Bradford, and Rosen. Where would you rank the Rams’ quarterbacks within the West?

NFL Network to broadcast the Rams Vs Raiders Preseason Game I Rams Wire

The Rams are set to host the Raiders in Week 2 of the preseason, and the NFL Network will be carrying the game. This should be of interest to any Rams fans who live outside the radius of the Rams preseason network. The game will be the Raiders first and only appearance in the Coliseum, their former home from 1982-1994. Unfortunately, the game is likely to feature extremely vanilla offenses since the teams will again clash only three weeks later in Week 1 of the regular season. Last season Sean McVay used Week 2 as a final tuneup for most starters as the Rams defeated the Raiders in Oakland 24-21. It will be interesting to see how McVay chooses to navigate preseason this year.

Terrell Davis, Michael Robinson, and Jim Mora Jr. grade the Rams’ 2018 Draft I NFL Network

See what the guys at the NFL Network think of the Rams 2018 draft, and more importantly listen to them joke about how difficult it is to pronounce Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. Sorry Obo, I’m afraid this is the sort of top shelf humor that will keep repeating itself throughout the year. At Turf Show, we suggest you add a middle name and a hyphen and really make the talking heads earn their checks.