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Random Ramsdom 7/12: Fishin’ for work

The beloved ex-head coach for the LA Rams is in the news and there’s some uniform talk!

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter reacts to report of Jeff Fisher possibly becoming NFL analyst | Rams Wire

TST’s own Brandon Bate got some love in this article, as he’s a fan of tweeting about Fisher. Check it out, it’s pretty funny.

Players react to their Madden ratings | ESPN

Grown ass men being asked about the skills of their video game selves. These are the days. RB Todd Gurley II has a cool reaction, though.

Look: Rams remove gold from 2018 training camp hats | Rams Wire

This is VERY exciting. But seriously, just make the transition already, this is so awkward. I hate trying to buy Rams gear and 70% of the stuff has gold in it. I want to live in the future, not the past.

Ranking NFL’s best, worst offensive arsenals | ESPN

Bill Barnwell goes deep in this piece about the weapons that each NFL team has to offer. Hope you’re not a New York Jets fan! Where do you think Jared Goff and company landed on the list?

Los Angeles teams both score big with alternate uniforms | Ramblin’ Fan

If it was a busier day with Los Angeles Rams news, I would not provide you guys a link to this story because I care you what gets fed into your brain. But it’s July and you obviously are addicted to the Rams... so fine, here you go.