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BREAKING: Sean McVay got the LA Rams a new podium

Zombieland Rule #32 – Enjoy the Little Things

The Los Angeles Rams are good at football again. And when you’re good at football, you get nice things. You get new star players. You get a new stadium. You get new uniforms. You get all kinds of awesome stuff.

But, until this very moment, there’s been something missing. And Todd Gurley’s face says it all in this picture...

The league’s reigning Offensive Player of the Year is dejected and embarrassed — and it’s all due to this revolting podium. I mean look at it. Somebody just slapped a beautiful blue and white Rams’ logo on a 7-9 piece of bullshit. What is that, particle board?!?

Sean McVay will have none of that. His team is all in. They’re gunning for the Super Bowl. And when his players stand up there and field questions from the media, by golly they’re going to do it standing behind one of the finest damn podiums in all the land.

(h/t to LA Times’ Gary Klein for this amazing still)

Thank you, Sean McVay. Just when we thought you couldn’t get any more awesome, you go and do this. Chip and Joanna would be proud. We don’t deserve you.