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2018 Los Angeles Rams Roster Preview: Can G Jeremiah Kolone find a spot on the OL?

The undrafted rookie guard is looking to find a spot on the offensive line.

San Jose State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Let’s be real - the Los Angeles Rams have their front five settled on the offensive line. That’s pretty refreshing after years of fruitless free agents and sub-par blocking (hi Jeff! Can’t let an opportunity like that pass). With that said, they’d still like to plan for the future.

Enter undrafted free agent rookie G Jeremiah Kolone. Primarily a left guard for San Jose St., he was a two-time honorable All-Mountain West mention (coaches/media) and even has some starting experience at center. That flexibility is going to be an asset.

Roster Battle

He’s going to be going up against 2018 NFL Draft sixth-round pick Jamil Demby, Austin Blythe and Jake Eldrenkamp for a roster spot at guard if I had to take a guess. Those aren’t exactly household names, but Blythe is a suitable backup who has NFL experience so he’s likely in the lead. Demby was a late Day 3 pick - which isn’t a ringing endorsement but it also gives him a leg up. Eldrenkamp was in Kolone’s spot last year, so it’s possible.

For reference, the Rams kept 10 offensive lineman last year on their initial 53-man roster.


It’s pretty safe to say it’s probably the practice squad. I don’t see him beating out everyone, which is likely what’s he going to do to lock down a roster spot as a backup.

Chances of making the final roster (2/10)

Never say never.