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2018 Los Angeles Rams Roster Preview: DL McKay Murphy looks to make an early impression

The son of a former baseball star, Murphy is hoping to claw his way to a roster spot in LA.

Weber State v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams’ defensive line room is a crowded place. Playing mostly three technique at Weber State, DL McKay Murphy did a good job of using his arms to keep lineman off of him while reading plays. Though he can also play five technique, his speed, or lack there off, could be limiting as a pass rusher. The son of former Atlanta Braves slugger Dale Murphy, McKay Murphy will have to add to his arsenal of pass rush techniques if he looks to have an impact at the next level.

Random fact? Before games, the excitement tends to make Murphy barf. This sort of comedic relief should be celebrated. Imagine San Francisco 49ers QB Jiggy Gananano looking up after another soul-draining hit, only to see a bile-bib dripping down a jubilant Murphy’s jersey. The whole yak thing might be funny in the Rams’ current roach motel, but when they get to Inglewood the Rams might have to put plastic down which could be time consuming.

Roster Battle

Barring injury, the Rams’ line already is locked in place with Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh, Michael Brockers. Dominique Easley and Ethan Westbrooks likely offer the immediate depth. After that, the Rams still have Tanzel Smart and rookie John Franklin-Myers. Even though Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips frequently rotates his players, this will be a tough group for Murphy to crack. At the back end of the roster there’s guys like Omarius Bryant, Sebastian Joseph-Day and Chunky Clements looking to find spot on the active roster or practice squad. It won’t be an easy path for Murphy to remain with the Rams.


Low. While he initially played at Utah, Murphy is an undrafted free agent out of the Big Sky Conference. He did make some plays in Weber State’s loss to Cal, but that’s a far cry from the bright lights of the NFL.

Chances of Making Final Roster (0.75/10)

As much as we’d love to see Murphy retching all over NFC West Quarterbacks, it’ll be an uphill battle to make the practice squad.

Good luck to him though. Prove us wrong!