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Random Ramsdom 6/27: Rams keep it top 100

The Los Angeles Rams have a lot to be happy about with the NFL top 100.

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff talks with RB Todd Gurley in Week 13 against the Arizona Cardinals, Dec. 3, 2017. Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rams tie for most players in the NFL top 100 | Rams official site

That’s what I’m talking about. The Rams tied with the Minnesota Vikings. RB Todd Gurley and DT Aaron Donald in the top 10! My boy QB Jared Goff ranks at 38. He’ll be in the top 20 next season, just watch.

(WATCH) Todd Gurley is #6 in the NFL Top 100 | YouTube

I love the clip when RB Todd Gurley says “you can control what you can control.”

(WATCH) Aaron Donald is #7 in the NFL Top 100 | YouTube

Why is DT Aaron Donald only 7? He should be #1. At least he’s the highest ranked defensive player. It’s kind of funny that they even admit that he should be in the top 5. And if you’re a fan of watching the cheesy Russell Wilson gush about Donald’s game, this is the link for you.

Construction on NFL stadium is Inglewood is 40% done | Curbed Los Angeles

As the team ushers in the future of the team (the rookies), the future of the Los Angeles Rams “topped out,” which means that the highest steel beam on the stadium has been put into place. Neat.

(WATCH) David Carr and Michael Robinson predict the 2018 Rams season | Rams Wire

This is actually a link to the NFL Total Access clip with some commentary thrown in.

Goff: Talib and Peters ‘raise the level of competition’ at practice | Rams official site

Man, I bet CB Aqib Talib and CB Marcus Peters are giving QB Jared Goff a hell of a time in practice. But that’s great. I want Goff to practice against shut down guys — he needs that in his development. This is a good piece with plenty of quotes.

Rams COO wants Aardon Donald to play 2022 Super Bowl in LA for Rams | Rams Wire

Rams COO Kevin Demoff is throwing up some hot takes! I would like a flying car while we’re playing the wishing game.

Dead body found at home linked to ex-Rams player Janoris Jenkins | CNN

This is an unbelievable story that connects to a former LA Rams star, Janoris Jenkins (who was in Florida and not at his home in New Jersey). The victim’s name is Roosevelt Rene, who was a family friend that died on the property — it’s being treated as a homicide. Apparently his brother flew to Florida from New Jersey even though he has a deep fear of flying.

7 stats you need to know heading into the 2018 Rams season | Rams official site

This is a fun video to keep you up on your Rams trivia, nerd.

Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley bested by Tom Brady... again | Ramblin’ Fan

QB Tom Brady ranked higher than every Los Angeles Rams player, including Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley. He does have rings. A lot of rings.