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2018 Los Angeles Rams Roster Preview: QB Luis Perez is Looking for his Shot

The bowler turned QB has a (very) small chance of unseating Sean Mannion. Will the jump from D-II to the NFL be too steep?

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Multi-sport athletes have the potential to be superstars. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were both stars in baseball and football. Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzales, Julius Peppers, and Antonio Gates were basketball stars in college. The track and field comparison is obvious. NFL players come from a variety of backgrounds and oftentimes have skills in more than one sport.

But bowling?

Luis Perez didn’t play football in high school. He bowled. But he was able to make a name for himself at the D-II level, culminating his college career by winning the Harlon Hill Trophy in 2017 (D-II MVP). Did Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay find a diamond in the rough, or are the odds stacked against Perez?

Roster Battle

Jared Goff is unequivocally the starter for the Rams and Sean Mannion likewise has the backup slot on lockdown. The Rams have only carried 2 QBs in recent seasons as Johnny Hekker has proved capable as an emergency QB option throughout his career.

Where does that leave Perez? Competing with Brandon Allen for a spot on the practice squad.


Perez was extremely successful at the D-II level and clearly has talent. The Rams obviously saw something in him or they wouldn’t have brought him in. Sean McVay has been hailed as a masterful QB coach and Perez should be thankful he gets to work with someone as talented as McVay.

Even if it’s just for the experience of working with one of the NFL’s best QB coaches, Perez needs to be a sponge in camp. With an extremely good camp, he may just make Sean Mannion expendable.

Chances of Making Roster (2.5/10)

Given my commentary on the first two sections, this may seem a bit high. As odd as it sounds, Perez has zero shot at being a 3rd QB on the Rams roster, as they will likely only carry two. But I think he has a very small chance of unseating Mannion as Jared Goff’s backup.