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Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald voted #7 on NFL’s Top 100 Players for 2018

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Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald was named the #7 overall player in the NFL in the NFL Top 100 as revealed on NFL Network moments ago.

Donald was preceded by a handful of Rams:

  • #87: LT Andrew Whitworth
  • #79: CB Marcus Peters
  • #61: DL Ndamukong Suh
  • #53: CB Aqib Talib
  • #38: QB Jared Goff

I’m biased here obviously, but I’m a little surprised Donald wasn’t ranked higher. He’s the most dominant player at his position in the league (though P Johnny Hekker might have a piece of that conversation too). Then again, this has been an annual rite.

Donald was 15th a year ago and 14th two years ago. While we could certainly see the effect of the Rams’ unpopularity across the NFL given 14 seasons of losing, I did think last year’s NFC West championship season would have vaulted him into the top 5. It didn’t happen.

It might have happened for his teammate, RB Just Todd Gurley. Gurley has yet to be named on the list and is all but certain to be announced in the next few minutes.