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Random Ramsdom 6/20: Dissed by EA Sports

The LA Rams still have a lot to prove.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams receive disappointing overall team rating on Madden | Rams Wire

It’s funny how the rankings that appear on a video game can get me so mad, but seriously... the Los Angeles Rams are ranked lower than the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, AND the Tennessee Titans.

Assessing the Rams’ offseason and who stood out | OC Register

Vincent Bonsignore shares his take on the Los Angeles Rams like only he can. Are there any truths here that you’ve never thought of? It’s June. Of course not. But Vinnie does seem to be a fan of the WR Brandin Cooks acquisition. And there’s also a Jared Goff update. Yay.

After strong offseason, Samson Ebukam in line to start at OLB | Rams official site

This seems more like a reality than a fancy rumor. Let’s just plug his name on the starting roster and hope for the best at this point, right?

Rams 53-Man roster projection: post camp | Rams Wire

If you’re a fan of LB Tegray Scales, then I will join you in the protest of this ludicrous omission. #TeamTegray

Rams confident in the personnel after offseason | Clutch Points

Coach Sean McVay talks about how he’s feeling like the team has improved quite a bit since last year. Good stuff.

Browns sign OL Greg Robinson, the No. 2 overall pick by the Rams | Dawgs By Nature

The Cleveland Browns can't help being the Browns. It’s a sickness and sometimes it’s hard to watch. Make some moves, sure. But GRob? C’mon, Browns. You’re drunk, go home.

Waldron expects Gurley to continue improving as a pass-catching RB | Rams official site

Will the hype ever stop with RB Todd Gurley II? At some point, yes. But we’re still living in the “Gurley is only going to get better” years. *Lights cigar in slow motion.*

Rams another ‘Dream Team’ Eagles? We’ll wait and see | ESPN

Alden Gonzalez does a detailed comparison between the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles and the LA Rams and if you’re prone to anxiety, maybe skip this one.

Rams have owned the offseason, but will success follow? | ESPN

The logical question that’s asked of any team that has a significant offseason.

Rams get new team font | Rams official site

Adjust your tattoos accordingly. Or at least it’s just a redesign of the team’s official site. But seriously, the asthetics of this team are all over the place, I can’t keep up and I love this stuff. Have I told you my crazy theory that the team is going to add grey to their colors in 2020? Yep, Blue, white, and grey as an accent color. That’s my guess.