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Random Ramsdom 6/19: Aaron Donald Wants to Reset the Market for Non-QBs

The best defender wants to make the best money.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v St Louis Rams Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Every NFL Team’s Biggest Mistake of the Past Decade | Bleacher Report

What was the Ram’s biggest mistake? I’ll give you a hint: Jeff Fisher. The more interesting mistakes to me are those by the Atlanta Falcons, not drafting Aaron Donald, and the Cincinnati Bengals, giving up Andrew Whitworth. Both those blunders impacted the Rams for the better. We should send them thank you cards. And gift baskets.

Aaron Donald Wants to Reset the Market for Non-QBs | ESPN

Donald is very likely one of the best — if not the best — football players of our time, the man is unreal. I have no doubt that someone, be it the Rams or someone else, will pay him the kind of money he’s looking for, but as Lindsey points out, the Rams could draw that time out until 2021 if they wanted to.

Ranking All 32 Offensive Lines by Pass-blocking Efficiency | Pro Football Focus

The Rams ranked 15 on this list, dramatically improving mostly on the shoulders of Whitworth and Sullivan.

Cory Littleton Named ‘surprise Offseason Standout’ for Rams | Rams Wire

People seem to forget about Cory Littleton. While he may not be a lock on the starting position, he’s going to give any competition a run for their money.

Rams Backup Sean Mannion Should Get Most, If Not All of the Preseason Snaps | Ramblin’ Fan

Steve Rivera makes the argument that it’s a good idea to see what Mannion is actually capable of should the worst happen and we end up needing to depend on our back up to win us the big game.

Ranking All 32 NFL General Managers for 2018 | Sporting News

Lester Snead ranks number 5 here almost entirely on the strength of the offseason moves made this year.

The NFL in California in 2018: The Best Year Ever? | Yahoo! Sports

California is hoarding NFL teams, with four teams this upcoming season. The Rams are definitely on the up and up, and maybe the other teams are too. Could this be the best season for football in California?