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Individual game odds have 2018 Los Angeles Rams favored in every game but one

The Rams are only an underdog once in the first 16 weeks in 2018

Longtime Los Angeles Rams find themselves in an unfamiliar position as the 2018 NFL season approaches: favorites. After absolutely killing it in 2017, Head Coach Sean McVay followed his wildly successful rookie campaign by being just as dominant in his first full offseason.

McVay worked with Les Snead to pull off a series of amazing trades that first both filled gaps in the roster (Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters) and cleared salary (Robert Quinn, Alec Ogletree). This allowed them to then use some of that savings to sign Ndomakong Suh and trade for Brandin Cooks.

Sure, they were left without a draft pick until the 3rd round of the 2018 NFL draft, but Snead and McVay were all about the flashy Hollywood-esque transactions this spring.

Sportsbooks took notice.

That’s a whole lotta green coming from Sharp Football Stats. The only game that the Rams aren’t favored in during the first 16 weeks of the season is when they travel to New Orleans to play Drew Brees and the Saints. Not even the defending Super Bowl champions are favored against the Rams, and that’s quite the position to be in.

McVay was able to turn a Jeff Fisher dumpster fire into an 11-win season. What will he be able to do when he is the favorite?

I’m as antsy as anyone else to find out.