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Former Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher tells radio show he’s still waiting on head coaching opportunity

The Fish is still waiting for a suitor to make him the head man and not just a coordinator.

I’ve had opportunities to stay in [NFL coaching circles], but I, I don’t see myself coming back and coordinating. You well know, success in the National Football League is built on a number of different things. You know, it starts with the quarterback, and it starts, you know, you gotta stay healthy and you know you gotta hit things running and you gotta have a good staff.

All those things, and so you know getting out for a year or two I don’t think that should by any means eliminate somebody. You know I don’t know that at times you were with Bill [Cowher?] if he had the intention of getting back in. I think it was moreso for staying informed regarding and being educated regarding you know from a commentator’s standpoint. So, you know and believe me there’s a lot of work as far as that’s concerned. I appreciate the work that goes in, you know, through years and years of the production meetings that I spent with different production crews and things getting right to call the game. There’s an awful lot of work that goes into that.

But, you know, nothing’s easy. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication and the right place at the right time as we all know.

Former Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher called in to with SiriusXM NFL Radio yesterday with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan to address his current status as a de facto free agent coach who, in his own words, isn’t interested in a media opportunity right now.

Miss you, Dear Leader.