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TST Weekly Slack Chat: NFL Draft talk

Let’s have some fun discussing the draft not only for the Rams, but the entire league

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Last week’s episode of Slack Chat can be found here.

Oh yes, the TST-trio of myself, 3k (Joe McAtee), and BMule are back to bring you another episode of Slack Chat.

On this edition we talk all things 2018 NFL Draft. Obviously plenty of the talk will stem around the Rams’ class, who we like, who we don’t, but we also discuss the remainder of the NFC West as well as some of our favorite picks league-wide.

Let’s jump right into it:

Aquip Talip (TST user Sosa Kremenjas): Welcome back to another episode of Slack Chat! This is going to be all draft all day, let’s go!

Question One: Which team in the NFC West had the most impressive draft?

Joe McAtee (TST user 3K): Not the Seahawks

Aquip Talip: Their draft was....weird

Joe McAtee: But they got Shaq Griffin and Michael Dickson!

BMule (TST user BMule): I like AZ’s top two picks a lot

But Rosen ain’t doing anything this year

Aquip Talip: I felt like Seattle had some really good picks, and some really weird ones

Joe McAtee: Yeah, they were in a hole, but I liked their class

Rosen-Kirk-Cole is a nice trio to work around

BMule: Obviously everyone #GotBetter

Aquip Talip: I think I might have to roll with AZ too, but obviously the QB knocks them up a notch or so

Joe McAtee: The Niners’ class is very boom or bust

Aquip Talip: Get your QB (for relatively cheap), a weapon, and some OL help

BMule: Rams had a very safe draft. Which is just fine

Joe McAtee: Very

Which was also smart

BMule: Very smart

Aquip Talip: There’s like 3-4 picks from SF that I really liked, but all seemed to go earlier than I would have taken them

And agreed on the Rams draft

Joe McAtee: Yeah, but the problem with that is if you wait on the guys you like, they might not be around

Aquip Talip: They did the same thing last year when the McVay era started

Joe McAtee: So I get why the Niners pulled up one some of those guys

But I could see them getting very little out of this draft in 2-3 years

Aquip Talip: Safe characters with lots of college production (typically seniors) who attended the Senior Bowl

Simple, but it worked!

BMule: I do have to ruffle some feathers though

Joe McAtee: Ruffle away

Aquip Talip: Please do

BMule: I’m not really buying Noteboom as the LT of the future

Aquip Talip: What is he to you? RT? Swing?

BMule: Is an insurance swing tackle a thing?

Joe McAtee: If it is, I’m ok with it

Aquip Talip: I think he lands at LT, but I definitely could be wrong. He’s very passive and a finesse type player. His pass pro will keep him there in my opinion

BMule: Because if the rams are in position to draft a top tackle next year? They pass for Noteboom? Let’s just say I’m not sold yet. But still a smart pick

Aquip Talip: But it also could turn out that he never develops and is nothing more than a swing tackle for his career

Joe McAtee: What’s wild is how volatile it’s been at LT for us

Orlando Pace, Alex Barron, Jason Smith, Jake Long, Greg Robinson, Alex Whitworth

Aquip Talip: Lol

That’s a lot of variance

Joe McAtee: That’s a nauseating roller coaster

BMule: Rodger Saffold!

Joe McAtee: True, Saff did get, what one season in? Or two?

Aquip Talip: If Jake Long was given some better health that’s 3 HOF’ers and 3 of the biggest busts in Rams history

BMule: Neat

Aquip Talip: You know what that means for Noteboom right?

Nothing. So let’s see next year!

Anyways, this is a nice segment into Q #2:

Share some opinions on the Rams’ draft. Which pick(s) did you like? Which weren’t your favorite?

BMule: I’m pretty indifferent on the whole class. Not high, not low. Just very solid all around

Joe McAtee: I guess the Franklin-Myers one if only because I hate small school picks because I dunno shit about em

Aquip Talip: For me, easily my favorite players were John Kelly and Travin Howard

BMule: Kelly is probably my favorite pick as well

Aquip Talip: Yeah I can’t seem to find anything on Franklin-Myers, I wonder what kind of player he is. He must have flashed if he went in the fourth

BMule: Allen the least for me, because I did not anticipate him going that high

Joe McAtee: I dunno that I have a favorite. I like the class as a whole

I do like how much people like the Okoronkwo pick

Aquip Talip: The more I watch, the more I like actually

BMule: Is there a 5th round pick with more expectations?

Rams have two

Aquip Talip: A lot of “no names”, but a lot of guys who have a ton of CFB production and looked solid on tape

Joe McAtee: Roster hole + name recognition = Fans love it

Aquip Talip: And no, it’s ridiculous

BMule: Kiser and Okoronkwo are already being relied upon to take the defense to the next step and that’s such a wild stance

Aquip Talip: People are expecting Okoronkwo to start day one bare minimum

Joe McAtee: It’s silly

Aquip Talip: Never mind the actual statistical output they expect

BMule: 10 sacks

Pro bowl

Joe McAtee: I wouldn’t be surprised if neither starts Week 1

BMule: And that’s the other thing about the draft class

The Roster is so deep half may land on PS or worse

Joe McAtee: Yup

Aquip Talip: Dude, Carl Lawson was absolutely amazing last year as a rookie EDGE (who many have compared to Ogbo) and he had 8.5 sacks....

That’s the same as Rob Quinn

The guy everyone was begging to be cut

Joe McAtee: It was just silly to see people demanding EDGE players as the draft got into the third round

BMule: No one is saying it’s impossible but the expectations are getting wild

Aquip Talip: I know it’s a lot more than sacks, but at the end of the day these fans aren’t going to be pleased by pressures

Joe McAtee: Fans were getting pulled to the roster hole HARD

Aquip Talip: Lol

It’s because that’s all they were fed by the pre-draft talk the past 5 months

”Rams need edge, Rams need edge”

Joe McAtee: That’s part of it, for sure

Aquip Talip: Same as how it was 2 months ago with CB

Obviously before Peters/Talib came to town

BMule: I like the NFL

Joe McAtee: I’m on the fence

Aquip Talip: I also really like Jamil Demby

BMule: Your twin

Aquip Talip: And it has nothing to do with him being on #teamhandsome

BMule: He had some late buzz heading into the draft. All 3 OL they drafted have a lot of future appeal

Aquip Talip: Breaking will’s on the field and breaking women’s hearts off the field. That’s the dude.

Joe McAtee: Maine football...whew

Aquip Talip: BLACK BEARS!

Put some respeck on their program

Joe McAtee: The state of Maine...whew

Aquip Talip: Alright savages, Q #3 incoming:

Is there any pick that shocked you in the draft? Any favorites?

Joe McAtee: For us or in general?

Aquip Talip: I’ve got one, but I think me and Mule may be on the same road here

In general

How about Harold Landry free-falling?

BMule: Yeah that one made me sad

Joe McAtee: Rashaad Penny to the Seahawks at 27...

Aquip Talip: That had my heart drop

BMule: Buffalo hustling backwards with QBs?

Aquip Talip: I love Penny, I didn’t know what to expect when I watched him but he’s a stud, but man that was early

Joe McAtee: Has anyone been as maligned as Josh Allen in recent memory?

Aquip Talip: Derrius Guice waiting forever?

BMule: Until the day of the draft, i never thought Baker Mayfield would ever go #1

Aquip Talip: Crazy

BMule: That really did surprise me

Joe McAtee: For a pick I really like, DJ Chark to the Jags

I think that has a good chance of working out

Aquip Talip: ‘Twas a fun one

BMule: Darius Leonard at 36 made me laugh

Aquip Talip: The Titans may have had my favorite draft in the league and they didn’t even have any picks!

Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry.... Ugh

Joe McAtee: And I know, I know, pay your rent and whatnot

But the Chargers look good

BMule: Connor Williams to the Cowboys at 50 was a great one for me

Aquip Talip: I have literally 0 beef with the Chargers

Great one Mule. That Cowboys OL is frightening

Smith/Williams/Frederick/Martin/Collins.... that could be special

I know Joe was absolutely fond of Saquon going #2 overall

BMule: I do love how much Raiders fans hate the Kolton Miller pick

They really wanted Derwin

Aquip Talip: I would feel real good about Tom Cable needing to develop like three new OL

Joe McAtee: I could see Saquon having a very, very mediocre season


Aquip Talip: I mean, per touch he might kill it. But how many balls is he going to see in that offense?

How can you justify it if he’s not toting the rock like 350 times in the year (combined rushing+receiving)

BMule: They got future HoFer Kyle Lauretta

Aquip Talip: Lmao

BMule: Lauletta*

Joe McAtee: But we’ll be right back here next year with some team grabbing Bryce Love

BMule: Jeff Fisher’s pants explode

Aquip Talip: Haha

Anyways boys, onto Q #4:

Who is the biggest threat to the Rams in the NFC?

Joe McAtee: Whew...

Aquip Talip: Personally I don’t think much has changed - Eagles

BMule: I love/hate this Q

Because its touuuughh

Joe McAtee: Vikings gonna be in the mix


Aquip Talip: All they did was somehow improve, again. That DL is getting so deep they got like 9-10 capable players

BMule: Vikings/Eagles....little drop off then Saints/Falcons

Aquip Talip: I’m not sure there’s any drop off to Saints, otherwise I’d agree

BMule: The Saints were a failed Hail Mary away from being in NFCC

Aquip Talip: Rams/Vikings/Eagles/Saints is going to be disturbingly close

Joe McAtee: Nobody riding for the Cowboys?

BMule: Lmao

Aquip Talip: I can’t

I think they got some good pieces, but they got work to do

Namely a new HC?

Joe McAtee: I could see them getting right

Aquip Talip: I think they’ll win like 9 games, but no real threat

BMule: I could see the Panthers bouncing back but the Saints and Falcons...whew

Joe McAtee: I was about to mention Carolina

Aquip Talip: That HC/OC duo just isn’t creative enough to maximize that offense

No stud WR’s, no TE, QB coming off a bad year

And I LOVE Dak but damn, they gotta change that offense to fit him better

Joe McAtee: Either of y’all buying into the 49ers?

Aquip Talip: No doubt in my mind that if Sean McVay was the HC of the Cowboys they could make the playoffs, but I have no faith in that staff

BMule: Tavon Austin will save the Boys

Aquip Talip: Hmm. Yeah, I think they’ll be good. Not playoff good, but 7-10 (maybe) wins isn’t out of the question

BMule: I’m not buying the Niners but I definitely think they’re better than people want to admit (they’re still not great)

Aquip Talip: I’d expect like 8-8 or 9-7

Kyle Shanahan is incredible. He could get them turned quick

Joe McAtee: Those two games this year are gonna be a blast

BMule: Rams fans seem to hate the Niners loving Jimmy Faropolo more than Niners fans love loving him

And I see why

Aquip Talip: True

Joe McAtee: Me too

Aquip Talip: It’s weird

I couldn’t care less about Jimmy Garplopoolo

Joe McAtee: It’s an actual rivalry, and I love it

Aquip Talip: If we stay healthy I’ll go on record right now

We’re going to obliterate them

BMule: Put up a score

Joe McAtee: Everyone focuses on Week 17 last year, but the other game was waaaaaaay more interesting

Aquip Talip: Hmmm

38 - 17

BMule: I’ll buy

Aquip Talip: Also yeah, that week three game on TNF was absolutely incredible

One of the funnest/scariest games I’ve watched in years

BMule: Sammy Watkins cries

Joe McAtee: Who has gotten better more since that game?

Aquip Talip: Us. By a lot.

BMule: A lot a lot

Aquip Talip: We added 12 pro bowls and Brandin Cooks lol, nevermind the draft

Joe McAtee: Thats kind of what it comes down to for me

BMule: Unless you believe the Rams will start getting arrested and do drugs in the locker room

Joe McAtee: Or unless you reeeeeeeeally are buying on Jazzy Garminwaffle

BMule: Personalities lose football games it’s science

Aquip Talip: Unless things implode somehow this year, this team is insanely stacked. There are some weaker units (LB? OL?) but man... if they can perform how they did last year? Whew

BMule: Young Gerald hasn’t even been freed yet

Joe McAtee: I love him so

Aquip Talip: I’m so excited for him

I honestly have way too large expectations for him

Joe McAtee: Moi aussi

Aquip Talip: Is that Italian?


Joe McAtee: Man, don’t act like you ain’t down with some Quebecois

Aquip Talip: Moi sounds French, aussi sounds Italian. You confused me

Joe McAtee: Don’t you insult Maine!

Aquip Talip: Anyways, thanks for checking in on another episode of Slack Chat. Stay tuned for next week!

That’s all for this week. Is there any prospect in particular you guys liked? Share your thoughts below.