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Random Ramsdom 5/3: get to know the Rams undrafted free agents

The LA Rams have a lot of new guys vying for attention.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Championship-Southern California vs Stanford John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Rams sign several undrafted free agents | Pro Football Talk

An interesting group of players just landed on the roster for the Los Angeles Rams. We have a dude who was injured a lot during this collegiate days, and another who played with Johnny Football. Check it out and gaze at the possible diamonds in the rough!

Behind the Grind, episode 4 is up | Facebook

The production value on this series is fantastic. There is a lot of time spent on physical training and workout footage, but it’s still watchable stuff.

2018 LA Rams official undrafted free agent list | Turf Show Times

Our own 3k wrote up a comprehensive list of the new Rams with some details about them so you can keep track when half of them eventually get cut. I kid, I kid.

The progression of Rams quarterback Jared Goff | Sports Al Dente

This is a good looking site, let’s just get that out there. And it’s quite an interesting look at QB Jared Goff, implamenting the classic “coal into a diamond” analogy. A great read.

Breaking down the Rams’ undrafted free agent class | Rams Wire

Daily Dose: Post-draft blues or joy? | Rams official site

Kristen Lago has put together a lot of good stuff here. The pundits are feeling pretty confident about the Rams these days.

2018 Post-NFL draft power rankings | Rams official site’s Elliot Harrison ranks all 32 teams after the 2018 NFL Draft. Are we #1? We should be, that’s all that matters.

John Franklin drafted by LA Rams | The Pine Log

I know you guys probably read The Pine Log, the independent voice of Stephen F. Austin University, every morning and evening, so you probably already caught this. However, just in case, the guys at the “Log” put together a cool piece on fourth-round pick DE John Franklin. Did you know that Jeremiah Trotter also attended Stephen F. Austin?

In his own words: Returng to LA is a dream come true for John Franklin | Rams official site

John Franklin-Myers has roots in the city of angels. “I was actually born in Los Angeles. My sister is down there and my brother is down there also. So I’m looking forward to heading back to L.A... I lived in L.A. for about eight or nine years and then moved to Texas with my grandfather.”

Tavon Austin says goodbye on Instagram | Turf Show Times

Tavon said some nice things about his days with the Los Angeles Rams. It’s hard not to root for the guy going forward.