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Free agent RB Adrian Peterson interested in joining “St. Louis” Rams

Uh...All Day has it all wrong.

I’ve mentioned Houston a couple times. I feel like Green Bay wouldn’t be a bad look, as well. Carolina. There’s some options out there. You know, Miami. Down there in St. Louis. That would be a nice look, too, with uh...with Todd Gurley.

That was free agent RB Adrian Peterson talking about some of his potential landing spots for the 2018 season. Of course, seeing him land in St. Louis would be quite a shock...

Peterson would be heading into his 12th NFL season if he’s able to make a team this year. At 33-years old, he’s certainly seen his best football behind him. I’m not sure there aren’t a few landing spots that make sense, though the Los Angeles Rams wouldn’t be one of them. RB Todd Gurley has the first spot locked up with Head Coach Sean McVay suggesting recently that, “to take him off the field, he better be pretty tired.” Behind Gurley is an interesting depth chart of RB Malcolm Brown, RB Justin Davis, 2018 NFL Draft sixth-round rookie John Kelly and a pair of UDFAs in Larry Rose III and Nick Holley. Not sure there’s much room for AD.

But uh...maybe he can find a landing spot in St. Louis.