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Random Ramsdom 5/24: how good is Goff?

It’s the time of the offseason to give some serious time on the development of Jared Goff

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Goff displaying growth, leadership during offseason program | Rams official site

Los Angeles Rams inside Myles Simmons shines a bright light at the development of QB Jared Goff, getting some quotes that will have to tide us over until we get to see Goff throw again in a game that means something.

Sean McVay mic’d up at OTAs | Rams official site

Some classic McVay soundbites in this video.

Daily Dose: decades Rams as NFC force | Rams official site

Rams insider Kristen Lago has found some good info that may have gone unnoticed from a couple of days ago. Worth a look. Why not? What else are we doing with our lives. Remember the sun? Taking a walk for no reason at all? Remember malls? Nope. because football season never ends.

Dan Orlovsky calls Goff a kid who wants to be very good | Ramblin’ Fan

This would be a bigger story if Dan said the opposite, that Goff didn’t really care about getting better. There are some interesting quotes about how Dan Orlovsky totally doesn’t think Jared Goff is fake. His love for football is real. Kind of makes Orlovsky kind of cagey and weird and at the same time, makes Jared Goff look like a good dude that invites other QBs over to his house to goes over plays on the whiteboard. Goff is good.

Todd Gurley taking one day at a time at OTAs | Rams official site

Saying all the right things, like a pro.

And here’s a clip that makes me happy.