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WATCH: Los Angeles Rams fan Taran Killam represents his team in new ABC show “Single Parents”

Watch the new trailer for the show that premieres this fall and see what jersey he’s wearing in the pilot.

OK, so it’s a slow news day. Sue me.

Our resident celebrity Los Angeles Rams superfan Taran Killam has a new show coming out this fall and ABC just released the trailer. Why should Rams fans care? Good question.

In the trailer, embedded below, Taran sports a Todd Gurley jersey, making it part of the plot of the show. Since Taran is a Rams fan, he was able to get the producers to allow him to wear Rams swag on the show. Imagine if you were an actor on a show, wouldn’t you try to sneak some Rams merch on camera?

We’ve seen this from actors before, like Adam Sandler with New York Yankees stuff or the Boston actors showing their Boston Red Sox pride, and Killam is just continuing the tradition by showing the world that he loves the Rams, just like us.

The show, Single Parents, actually looks pretty solid. It’s created by the New Girl duo of JJ Philbin and Liz Meriwether. It’s also directed by Jason Winer of Modern Family fame. I mean, it’s no Behind the Grind, but hopefully it’ll find an audience.

Alright, now back to UDFA talk.