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Turf Show Radio S10E9: The offseason is on!

3k and seattlerams look at the offseason as we head into Phase III with OTAs and minicamp ahead of us before the monthlong break that leads into training camp.

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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp 2017
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp 2017
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL Draft is behind us. The Rams followed it up with their immediate undrafted free agent crop. And after rookie minicamp tryouts this last weekend, the Rams made another splash to bring in some more. And some more. And some more!

And while the back end of a 90-man roster is always in flux, it would see we’re headed into Phase III of the offseason with organized team activities and the optional mandatory minicamp with our roster set.

So we’re recording a new episode of Turf Show Radio live tonight at 10pm ET/pm ET. You can listen live at the show page or by calling in at (347) 857-1022 and just listening in on your phone.

(Apple News readers will need to head to the show page to listen to the episode; you can find the show in iTunes too)