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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams rookie DE Justin Lawler conference call

Here’s what the Rams’ final pick of the 2018 NFL Draft had to say to the media today.

SMU DE Justin Lawler sacks Houston QB Greg Ward, Jr.
SMU DE Justin Lawler sacks Houston QB Greg Ward, Jr.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams DE Justin Lawler

(On how it feels to join the Rams)

“It’s incredible. I knew they had interest in me. I loved L.A. when I was down there, I had a visit down there and I’m just ready. I’m excited to get to work and excited to get going.”

(On what he thinks he brings to the defense)

“Immediately, I’m just going to do my job, I’m going to play my role. Come out, if I’ve got to be a backup, I’ll be a backup. But, I’m just going to help this team win, that’s what I’ve always done and that’s what I’m going to continue to do no matter where I go.”

(On if he knew they had interest in him)

“They were one of the teams I had a visit with. I had a (top-) 30 visit, so I knew they liked me. We had a little contact here and there. We had some phone calls and I knew they were interested.”

(On what type of role he had at SMU, what type of front they played and what his role was in it)

“It was really similar to what the Rams do, I think that’s why we’re such a good fit for each other. I was a hand in the ground, four-down guy, rushing the quarterback and just making plays. They let me run free, run loose, similar to what the Rams do with their ends and we look forward to having the same success in L.A.”

(On how much special teams work he did for former SMU Head Coach Sam Morris)

“I didn’t do any for Coach Morris, the year before that, I did a bunch. I also did some at my all-star game, the East-West (Shrine) Game. I’m more than capable of doing all of that, so I’m ready to roll.”