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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams rookie LB Travin Howard conference call

Here’s what the Rams’ penultimate pick of the 2018 NFL Draft had to say to the media today.

TCU LB Travin Howard sacks SMU QB Matt Davis
TCU LB Travin Howard sacks SMU QB Matt Davis
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams LB Travin Howard

(On his reaction to getting the phone call)

“This was a long time coming. It was a long wait, big relief, a little emotional with my family. It was great.”

(On if he thinks he’ll play as an inside linebacker or outside linebacker)

“I think they’ll have me at inside linebacker.”

(On if he spoke to the Rams prior to the draft)

“Yeah, I talked to them two weeks before the draft. Ever since then, we’ve pretty much been talking every day.”

(On his position history)

“When I came into TCU, I was a safety and then I converted to linebacker my sophomore year. But ever since then, I pretty much played both of them at TCU throughout my four years.”

(On what he thinks his strengths are as a player)

“Just speed – sideline-to-sideline, running to get the ball anywhere, just pretty much a ball magnet.”

(On if he spent much time in Los Angeles or ever visited California)

“No, I have never been to California before. But, I’ll be there soon. I’m pretty sure I’ll adjust quick.”

(On the Rams drafting his TCU teammate, T Joseph Noteboom, and what he knows about him)

“He’s a great player, big guy, athletic – he doesn’t really say too much, but he’s a good guy.”

(On what Noteboom would say about him)

“I’m pretty sure he’d say the same thing.”