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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams rookie RB John Kelly conference call

Here’s what the Rams’ new backup for RB Todd Gurley had to say to the media last night.

Tennessee RB John Kelly
Tennessee RB John Kelly
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams RB John Kelly

(On how he feels about being drafted)

“This feels unreal. I can’t even explain it. I’m so blessed.”

(On how he took a bigger role as pass-catching running back at Tennessee)

“I just wanted to show my versatility in the game. I got a chance to learn from guys like (New Orleans Saints RB) Alvin (Kamara) and just do work with the receivers and everything. I definitely just wanted to be able to incorporate the route running and pass-catching in my game because I know it translates to the league. So, I was just blessed to have a guy like Alvin that was able to show me how to perfect my craft on that.”

(On how feels he developed in as a pass-catching running back and his readiness to do so in the NFL)

“I definitely feel like I’m ready for it, because me coming from Tennessee and Coach G (Tennessee RB Coach Robert Gillespie), I felt like they were able to help me develop that skill, so I can be able to put that into the league as it translates. So, I definitely feel like they prepared me well.”

(On what it was like watching his ex-teammate Alvin Kamara make an impact in the NFL and if he thinks he can make an impact himself)

“Yeah, definitely. Me just being able to watch him work at practice and caught everything, translated to the league. I expected him to do the great things that he did and just having a guy like that is motivation for all the younger guys that are under him. So, that definitely motivated me a lot, too, as I continued.”

(On if he has watched RB Todd Gurley much throughout the years and what he thinks he can contribute in the running backs room)

“Oh yeah, I definitely got a chance to watch Todd play over the years. I think he’s a great back in the league, obviously. I really just can’t wait to be able to learn some of the things that he was able to do and just be able to compete with him at practice. So I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

(On if he has ever met Gurley before)

“No, I’ve never met him before.”

(On what contact he had with the Rams throughout the draft process)

“I had a chance to speak with some of the coaching staff and speak with the running back coach as well, but I’ve never met any other players. I’m still in shock right now.”

(On when he had a chance to speak with the coaching staff and if it was at the Combine)

“A little bit at the combine and then we stayed in contact during the process. We were on the phone a lot, I would say.”

(On how he feels he is as a pass blocker in pass protection)

“I feel like I’m pretty solid in pass protection, but there’s always room to improve. I want to make sure I can solidify myself as one of the top pass-protecting backs in the league. So that’s something I’m definitely going to focus on improving once I get on the field.”

(On if it was a tough decision to declare for the NFL Draft instead of playing his senior year or if he felt confident in all along)

“I mean, I definitely felt confident in the decision. That’s why I made it. I weighed out the pros and the cons of it and I felt comfortable with forgoing my senior season and taking my next step in my football process. I mean it just landed me a job with the Rams, so I feel like I made a good decision. I’m blessed.”

(On how much was he able to watch the Rams play last year)

“I got a chance to watch them a little bit. I try to watch the NFL season, but at the same time was focused on what we got going on. I know that the Rams had an explosive offense, but I was more so focused on our season at hand at the moment.”