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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams rookie ILB Micah Kiser conference call

Here’s what the Rams’ first linebacker of the 2018 NFL Draft had to say to the media

Virginia ILB Micah Kiser sacks Connecticut QB Bryant Shirreffs
Virginia ILB Micah Kiser sacks Connecticut QB Bryant Shirreffs
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams ILB Micah Kiser

(On his reaction to being selected by the Rams)

“I’m pumped. This is a blessing. I knew all along the Rams organization liked me as a player. I felt like it was a great fit and I’m so happy to be a Ram and glad that they chose me.”

(On what he thinks he’ll bring to the Rams and their scheme)

“A really smart linebacker, leader on the field, great player, very productive. I think I’ve been one of the more productive linebackers in college football the last three years. So, I’m just going to come in and do whatever they want me to do - special teams, linebacker. I’m all about the team and I’m just a football player.”

(On if he interviewed with the Rams and who he spoke with if so)

“I did. I was on a visit with the Rams I guess two weeks ago. I had met with Coach (Chris) Shula, the assistant linebackers coach at the combine and so I got to meet him a little bit. Then from the combine, I went out there on a visit and met with (Assistant Head Coach /Linebackers) Coach (Joe) Barry and (Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Wade) Phillips and talked film, talked football. It went pretty well, so I’m glad they thought enough of me to take me and I’m just ready to get to work.”

(On what he knows about Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips and what he thinks about being able to play under his scheme)

“Yeah, he’s always had great defenses. What he was able to do, not only here with the Rams, but also, I remember watching him with the Broncos as well. Great defense, great players and I’m just ready to be a part of it.”

(On if he paid attention to how the Rams’ roster looked with respect to the linebacker position and if he thinks he can come in and make an impact)

“Obviously, you know the roster or whatever. But everyone at this level is a pro so you’ve got to come in and work. Anyone can play – anyone who gets picked in the draft, a veteran that is a great football player. So, I’m just ready to come in, put my best foot forward and be as productive as I can.”

(On if he solely played inside linebacker or if he played outside as well)

“I was technically a middle linebacker, but I played all over the field. I’ve lined up on the line of scrimmage, I’ve lined up at ‘Will’ linebacker, I’ve lined up at ‘Sam’ linebacker. I’ve done a lot. I’ve blitzed the passer a lot, I’ve played pass coverage a lot. I feel like I’ve done a lot at the college level and only going to get better.”

(On if they played in a of 4-3 defenses a lot at Virginia)

“We actually played a 3-4.”

(On if he played on special teams)

“Yeah, I’ve been on the punt team in college the last two years. So, I’ve played special teams, I’ve played defense. I’m just ready to contribute.”