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Los Angeles Rams trade WR Tavon Austin to Dallas Cowboys for sixth-round pick

Tayawesome’s time with the Rams has come to an end.

Los Angeles Rams WR Tavon Austin
Los Angeles Rams WR Tavon Austin
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have traded WR Tavon Austin to the Dallas Cowboys for the #192 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the 18th pick of the sixth round.

It’s a fine trade for everyone involved.

For the Rams, they get to move on from a pick from the Fisherball era that clearly didn’t fit this new Rams team under Head Coach Sean McVay. The #8 overall pick from the 2013 NFL Draft, Austin was misused and overhyped by a dysfunctional offensive set up under former Head Coach Jeff Fisher. When McVay came in with an overhauled offensive personnel grouping thanks to General Manager Les Snead, Austin found himself squeezed out. A limited option in 2017 with just 47 yards on 13 receptions and 270 yards on the ground from 59 assorted carries, Austin just wasn’t a core part of McVay’s offense. In the Rams’ playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, he played just two snaps.

For the Cowboys, their depleted wide receiver group already needed a talent infusion even before they released WR Dez Bryant. They’ve already gotten one wide receiver in the draft and they may not be done, but Tavon gives them a different dimension from what they have and allows them to look at more conventional wideouts today and into the undrafted free agent rush.

And for Tavon, he needed a fresh start. He wasn’t going to get one in LA, not with all the other talents at wide receiver. He’s still got an applicable skill set that can be effective, but he needed space on the depth chart to get as shot. He wasn’t going to get one in LA. He should get one in Dallas.

I’m happy for him. I hope he succeeds in Dallas.

Best of Luck, Tayawesome.