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Random Ramsdom: 4/27 Draft Day Part 2

The Rams have a pick in the late third but are rumored to possibly move up for someone they might like.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams success will hinge on the middle rounds | ESPN

For the Los Angeles Rams to build on 2017, the draft has to go well in the middle rounds as that’s where most of the draft capital is.

Linebackers are a need for the Rams | Fansided

The Rams won’t pick until late tonight. There’s definitely a need at the linebacker spot, both inside and out.

Breaking down the Rams late round history | The Rams

The Rams may not have a first or second round pick but they have eight picks in rounds 3-7.

Giant debt limit raises eyebrows | LA Times

Owners didn’t bat an eye when they let the Rams move to LA but with the debt limit being almost 3x the last new stadium being built ($2B+), some are wondering if the NFL and owners are pushing the limits.

Unless they deal, Rams will be observers til late Day 2 | LA Times

Barring a major trade, the Rams will be observers until the latter part of round 3.

Bold predictions for the Rams in the 2018 Draft | Ramswire

Bold predictions include a trade up, running back help, and multiple linebackers.

Nine questions with Mark Barron | AL

Rams LB Mark Barron took some time to answer nine questions about his career.

TST Takes

Seven Round Mock

3K takes his shot at helping the Rams improve with a balance of help to the LB corp, OL, and skill position groups.