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VIDEO: Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff goes undercover to prank Ventura College football team

Look everyone, it’s Dreaj Foge!

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff linked up with Red Bull to go undercover with the Ventura County football team in the video above. Here’s the release on the vid:

Jared Goff may be a star QB for the Los Angeles Rams, but for one magical spring day, he was a transfer named Dreaj Foge (pronounced Dray) into the Ventura College football team in Southern California, a powerhouse program in the JUCO ranks.

How you ask?

In what could go down as the football prank of the year, Goff and the coaching staff at Ventura College tricked the team into believing he was the hot shot newcomer eyeing the starting QB job, which would break the hearts of the team’s actual quarterbacks looking to get four-year rides. Needless to say, the real QB’s on the roster were none too pleased!

When Goff starts slinging balls all over the field in 7-on-7 drills, the real drama started.

Head coach Steven Mooshagian and Director of Football Operations Robert Mooshagian (yes, a father/son duo!), were obviously in on the prank and had the players fooled hook, line and sinker. The alibi for the cameras being there was that a “documentary on juco football was being shot.” Well played! As a sidenote, in eight years at the helm of the team, Coach Mooshagian has helped 174 student athletes move on to the four-year level. They have won four consecutive conference championships and 16 titles overall.

Goff also deserves an Oscar for playing the role of an obnoxious transfer who thinks he’s better than everyone.

“Are you the punter?,” he asks one unsuspecting player.

“No, I’m the quarterback,” was the response in a super awkward moment for the real QB, but super hilarious for us watching at home.

Jared went undercover with a hairy mole on his cheek, a wig and a set of tattoos on what otherwise is a clean, un-tatted body. On one side of his neck there was a big star (super cheesy), and on the other side was the motto of his high school (a nice subtle nod to his alma mater). On his arm was an image of his high school mascot. Why Dreaj Foge as his name? Dreaj is an anagram of Jared. Foge because…well, why not.