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Is Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald the best defensive tackle in NFL history?


Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

Aaron Donald, a once in a lifetime player

Rarely does a player like Aaron Donald come along. I’ve seen the best in the middle of the D-line: Chuck Bednarik in the 60s with the Philadelphia Eagles, Randy White in the 70s and 80’s with the Dallas Cowboys and our own DT Merlin Olson in the 60s and 70s.

So with that history on my mind, I say bring on the accolades and praise thrown to Donald’s way via the radio talk shows or articles. They are not only deserved, they‘re understating his abilities.

Aaron Donald is not merely an impact player.

He’s the best ever at his position.

When you line up at defensive tackle, it’s a mess inside. There’s the center, guard and even sometimes a tackle all blocking you. If you’re lucky enough to get through that mass of humanity, there’s the blocking running back or fullback coming up to impede your progress to that priceless quarterback.

None of this seems to phase Aaron Donald.

He has a motor that just doesn’t stop and body strength fending off even the best all-pro offensive lineman in the league. After penetrating the line, you see him going for the quarterback and I just pity this fool as he runs for his life (literally) while keeping my eyes on Donald knowing he’s going get the sack. And against the run when Donald hits the gap with his speed? It’s a two yard loss.

Get this contract done

Aaron Donald is now going into a second year demanding a new contract to make him the highest paid defensive player in the league. Those of us who have been lucky enough to see this phenom play every weekend are tired of the delay as the team procrastinates with words designed to placate the Rams fans base.

It’s simple. Either you are on management’s side which will require Donald to play out his contract and “tag” him year after year delaying his payday or you’re on Donald’s side who just wants to be paid what the 2017 Defensive Player of Year should be paid.

For me? I just want a deal done no matter what it takes or what it costs.


Since Donald’s ceiling is as high as any player conceivable, I am of the opinion that the Rams should sign him now. It will cost the Rams more in 2019 for his services.

He’s been in the league for three years and each of these years made the Pro-Bowl In 2017 he was finally recognized for what we as Rams fans have always known as the most dominant force on defense in the NFL winning defensive player of year.

I understand the business side of things, but what I fear happening most is that the longer this drama plays out real acrimony might set in leading to Aaron wanting to be traded. What Rams fans absolutely don’t want to see is Donald wreaking havoc on QB Jared Goff.

Rams should get the deal done before training camp

Aaron is not participating in OTA’s this season. He did the same thing last year in his headline-grabbing holdout.

I don’t see this as a big deal. It’s voluntary anyways, and Donald obviously doesn’t need the period to improve his game. What the Rams can’t afford is another holdout when training camp breaks later this summer.

Donald needs to be in camp so he can start the season with a full head of steam. When a player is at home instead of training camp no matter what he says about his workout routine, it never gets the player into football shape...even if you’re practicing hand and arm techniques with knives flaying at you.


There is no one like Aaron Donald. As a fan of the game in general and as a Rams fan specifically, I have been lucky to see him perform week in and week out. He’s worth the price of a ticket alone especially if you love defense.

In all my years of watching the NFL going back to the 1960’s I have never seen a DT like him. Avid football fans going back that far can attest that no one has been able to power his way to quarterbacks since the days of Deacon Jones and Reggie White both of whom were defensive ends.

Its getting personal for me as I view Donald as one of those Rams players you want on OUR TEAM for life no matter what.

So work it out. #paytheman if for no other reason then to help me sleep easy before the 2018 regular season begins knowing a happy and content Aaron Donald is going to be there on Sunday making quarterbacks and opponents life miserable.