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Former St. Louis Rams RB Isaiah Pead aiming for gold medal in 2020 Paralympic Games

Inspiring stuff from the former Ram running back.

Pretty cool story from TMZ Sports who spoke to former St. Louis Rams RB Isaiah Pead.

The 50th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Pead was the first of five running backs drafted by the Rams in four years. On the field, his career never really got going rushing the ball just 19 times for 78 yards with an ill-fated ACL injury that wiped out his 2014 season. He signed with the Miami Dolphins in March of 2016 but was released in October. A month later though, tragedy struck as Pead was in a car accident that ultimately required doctors to amputate his leg above the knee ending his football career.

Pead isn’t letting his athletic story end there though.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Pead suggested he was hoping to compete in the 2020 Summer Paralympics. While he’s just getting started on the effort finding the right prosthetic to compete with, Pead said that if he can get on the track, he’s “goin’ for the gold, period.”

Though his NFL career never did take off, I hope Rams fans will support his Paralympic journey nonetheless.