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Random Ramsdom 4/19: Monday night in Mexico

The Rams schedule will be released on Thursday...but we already know the date of one prime time game.

NFL: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs-Rams set for Mexico City | ESPN

Alden Gonzalez throws down the details of the about matchup on November 19. I struggle to get excited for a game that’s so far down the line. November prime time games always have that chance to feature a third string QB facing another team that quit on their coach three weeks ago. But that won’t happen here (knocks on all the wood he can find.)

Rams to face Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night in Mexico City | LA Times

The big annoucement yesterday was that the Los Angeles Rams will be playing a “home game” in Mexico City on Monday night. But the only new news from this is the date, not the team the Rams are going to play against or the location. We already knew that.

With NFL draft on the horizon, the Rams are set at quarterback | LA Times

Rams beat writer for the LA Times, Gary Klein, had himself a day. He reported on the above announcement and also typed out a piece in which he’s pretty sure that QB Jared Goff is going to be our starter this year. Good to know!

Jared Goff and Brandin Cooks to establish chemistry | Rams official site

More hype on the connection between Jared Goff and Brandin Cooks. I like it. And there’s also a fresh edition of Between the Horns at the bottom of the link.

With the NFL schedule coming out, the Rams should be in prime time | Ramblin’ Fan

If the Rams don’t get some choice prime time matchups, I’m going to write at least three breathlessly unbearable articles about how the Rams are disrespected by the NFL.

Mid-round playmakers to consider in the NFL draft | LA Sports Hub

Looking for a fresh list of players to consider in the middle rounds of the draft? LA Sports Hub has you covered. They have the Rams taking a LB in the fourth. OK!

In their own words: Brandin Cooks on his outlook for the season | Rams official site

In case you’re still learning more about who Brandin Cooks really is as a person, this is a good look into the man that to me, seems like an incredibly focused player. I’m pumped to have him on the team.

The 2018 Chiefs team will be next years Los Angeles Rams | Arrowhead Addict

Die-hard fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are something else. This article is interesting as it compares favorably to our beloved Los Angeles Rams, but I know some of you guys can’t stand reading stuff about a team that ins’t the Rams. So, if that’s you... skip it.

Daily dose: a look at every team’s strength of schedule | Rams official site

Every fan should study the strength of schedule for their favorite team so they have a go-to excuse if their team disappoints next season.

From TST

Sosa’s mock draft version one | Turf Show Times

Sosa Kremenjas cuts to the good stuff. Who cares about how Cleveland Browns end up screwing up their franchise even more than it is. We want Rams picks! Sosa lists the team names of the Universities because he’s fancy (and Canadian.)