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Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley on recently released WR Dez Bryant: “Come to the Rams”

TMZ Sports caught JTG at LAX to talk DDB. WTD? TBD.

Come the to the Rams, man.

That was the message Rams RB Todd Gurley sent to former Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant with an emphasis on “former” with the news breaking today that the Cowboys would let Bryant go after eight memorable seasons.

TMZ Sports caught Gurley at Los Angeles International Airport today as he is heading out back home to Tarboro, North Carolina to hold a free football camp for youth tomorrow:

Gurley spoke on Bryant’s release:

I’d love to have Dez. He’s a Roc [Nation Sports] boy. He’s a beast, you know. Big target, so...

Pretty cool moment then as Gurley passes a Rams fan wearing a Todd Gurley jersey.

Then Gurley gets asked about blacklisted QB Colin Kaepernick and if he deserves another shot:

I mean, obviously the situation, man, is unfortunate. A guy that takes a team to back-to-back Super Bowls, so...I mean he did it with his team, but obviously he’s a beast though. So hopefully he gets his chance. I really do hope he gets a chance.

Next up a question about Penn St. RB Saquon Barkley likely to be the first running back drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft:

I mean he’s been doing it his whole life. It ain’t nothin new. He’s been handling the big stage so far. (the camerman interjects, “He’s a Roc guy too!”) He is, he is! Yup. So I mean, I’ma support him. I allways support the running backs. I mean, he’ll definitely be a top-five pick for sure, and wherever he goes, he’s gonna ball out.

Asked if he was heading to Coachella:

Nah, I’m going home, man. I’m fittin to go back home. I got my kids camp back home, so I’m fittin to go head and do that camp and then hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to make it or something.

After a question about if he could identify special talents at kids camps, he was pressed for one last message to Dez.

JTG made it simple.

Come to the Rams, man.