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Random Ramsdom 4/12: Preseason games announced

It’s happening!

Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

3 smart picks to consider for the 3rd round of the draft | Ramblin’ Fan

This is our life now. Do we go outside linebacker? Defensive line? Offensive lineman? Well, check out the link. They have opinions for days.

Rams 2018 preseason schedule announced | Rams official site

Guys, we’re going to Baltimore and New Orleans! And we’re hosting the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans. Neat.

Rams to play Ravens, Raiders, Texans and Saints during preseason | LA Times

Gary Klein lends his expertise on the upcoming preseason for the Los Angeles Rams.

Todd Gurley throws out pitch for the Dodgers | Rams official site

Huge news. Gigantic. Or whatever. Don’t click to see the video of Todd Gurley on the pitcher’s mound if you hate fun. I’m not here to judge.

Mel Kiper Jr. releases his new three-round mock draft | ESPN

If you don’t have ESPN Insider, we have you covered, as Mel gets his hands dirty with three rounds of mock draft goodness.

Rams want to repeat success of drafting without their first-round pick | Rams official site

Hot take alert! But seriously, there are some interesting quotes from GM Les Snead about what goes into picking your first player with the 87th pick.

Can Los Angeles Rams fans say goodbye the color rush uniforms? | Ramblin’ Fan

Never say never, fam. Who know what the Rams are going to look like next year. Literally. The main storyline here is that Thursday Night Football isn’t going to be exclusively for color rush exhibitions. Fine.

Offseason opponent breakdown: The San Francisco 49ers | Rams official site

Want a primer on a NFC West rival? Kristen Lago has you covered as she serves up the need-to-know information about the hated San Francisco 49ers.