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TST Weekly Slack Chat: 2018 NFL Draft, top three picks, QB prospects

Taking a look into the future, Sosa Kremenjas, 3k and BMule go all draft talk today.

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Last week’s Slack Chat can be found here.

This week on Slack Chat, myself, 3k and BMule touched on a bunch of 2018 NFL Draft topics. The questions ranged from predicting the top three picks, our “cant-miss” prospects, and even a little Los Angeles Rams talk with a potential replacement of S Lamarcus Joyner coming in two weeks’ time.

Aquip Talip (TST user Sosa Kremenjas): Alright welcome back to another episode of Slack Chat! Let’s jump right into it

Question one: Put your GM hats on boys (not those ugly draft one’s the NFL recently released)

Predict the top three picks in the draft: the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and New York Jets at 1-2-3.

BMule (TST user BMule): Those hats are all very fine btw

Joe McAtee (TST user Joe McAtee): I’ll go USC QB Sam Darnold, UCLA QB Josh Rosen, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield

Joe McAtee: I really do think it’ll be QB-QB-QB

BMule: And I think the same order as Joe

Aquip Talip: Interesting. I hope it goes like that

It makes too much sense not to, right?

I’m rolling with Darnold, North Carolina St. EDGE Bradley Chubb, Mayfield

Joe McAtee: McShay’s Grade A mock had Chubb going #2

And also didn’t didn’t have the Giants taking a QB in their first four picks

Aquip Talip: I’m not sure why but I don’t feel good about NYG going QB, even though I absolutely think they should

BMule: Browns could Brown it up...but Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield makes too much sense to me

Pat Shurmur really has to endure an offseason of OBJ trade talk and not drafting a QB in a QB-rich draft? Oohhhh weee

Eli Manning stinks

Aquip Talip: Yeah that would really suck for them

Joe McAtee: I’d be surprised if they didn’t go QB, but not like 100% shock

Aquip Talip: I think they make so much sense for a QB. Let him sit behind Eli for a year and then pull a move like the Kansas City Chiefs did by drafting QB Pat Mahomes to replace QB Alex Smith

Joe McAtee: And they have enough draft capital to go BPA elsewhere to build up the roster

Aquip Talip: Any of you guys think the Browns Brown and go Wyoming QB Josh Allen? Or maybe another QB?

Joe McAtee: Oh totally possible

I could see him going #1 overall easily

Aquip Talip: I’m almost expecting it, which is sad

BMule: A team that benches Eli Manning for Geno Smith cannot afford to pass up on a Josh Rosen. End of discussion.

Aquip Talip: Dorsey did draft Mahomes last year too

Word is he likes that big arm guy

Joe McAtee: That #4 pick is the interesting one to me

BMule: Penn St. RB Saquon Barkley is going to make you throw stuff, Joe.

Because we know Joe loves RBs in the top 5

Joe McAtee: Hey, it aint the Rams. I won’t be mad.

It’s just so dumb in general and it’s been proven to be a complete waste of capital but ESPECIALLY in a year like this with so many good RBs

Aquip Talip: Truth

I don’t think it makes sense to me

Joe McAtee: Has Cleveland ever taken a running back in the top 5?

I bet it would go great

Aquip Talip: But the NFL loooooves guys like Barkley.

BMule: NFL loves instant production

Aquip Talip: A blue chipper on defense at #4 would be perfect

Joe McAtee: Or OL

Shout out to offensive linemen

Aquip Talip: That could work too

BMule: They could come away with one of the two best players in the draft and a QB

Notre Dame OL Quenton Nelson or Chubb and never look back

Aquip Talip: Nelson would be a god send

Joe McAtee: Nelson would be so wise

Aquip Talip: Anyways, onto question two:

Joe McAtee: Why are offensive linemen so great?

Aquip Talip: Got your chance to steak your claim right now: who’s your “can’t miss” prospect?

Nelson anyone?

BMule: In general or for the Rams?

Aquip Talip: General

Joe McAtee: Nelson’s a good candidate. Alabama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick for me.

Aquip Talip: Fitzpatrick? That’s an interesting one Joe

BMule: Florida DT Taven Bryan is mine and I’ll die on the hill if I have to

Aquip Talip: Wow. You boys are coming in with the shockers

BMule: Rutgers EDGE Kemoko Turay was your scouting report

Aquip Talip: I think it’s easily Nelson for me

But since we’re going all out on the takes here...

Joe McAtee: I’ll throw another easy one for me

LSU Tigers RB Derrius Guice

Especially for the expectation level of Guice

Depending on where he goes, I could totally see him winning OROY

BMule: I’ll also go Mayfield

Joe McAtee: See I dunno if I feel good about any of the QBs as “can’t miss”

BMule: I think he’s great

Joe McAtee: Just going off the numbers, four to five of the six major QBs are going to fail

BMule: You play for singles and I’ll crank these suckers

Joe McAtee: Aight, Giancarlo Stanton

Aquip Talip: I want to go Georgia LB Roquan Smith as well, but that seems like a copout

Joe McAtee: I thought about dropping his name here too

Aquip Talip: He’s so, so, good

BMule: But neither of you are dropping it?

Joe McAtee: Rude

Aquip Talip: Nelson/Roquan for me, I guess

If we want a “later” prospect (someone outside the top 5/10), I’ll say Goergia OL Isaiah Wynn

Joe McAtee: I’m not that sold on Wynn as the can’t miss type

Oh wait, that punter outta Texas

Michael Dickson

BMule: Question 3

Aquip Talip: You’re silly

Joe McAtee: I’m serious!

Aquip Talip: That was our cue Mule

Question three:

Who are the best fits for the big name QB’s (Rosen/Lamar/Allen/Baker/Darnold).

I think most of this ties in with Q one

Joe McAtee: Where do you want Baker to go Mule?

BMule: Realistically, I’d say NYJ

Aquip Talip: Darnold - CLE, Rosen - NYG, Baker - NYJ, Lamar - LAC, Allen - ARI

That’s how I roll

Joe McAtee: Man, Baker could wreck under Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles

Aquip Talip: QB Josh McCown did so well last year

Imagine Baker instead?

Aquip Talip: They don’t have any top tier weapons, but a bunch of guys that can make plays. I would really like him there

BMule: Allen is the biggest wildcard

Joe McAtee: I know I do not want to see Lamar Jackson with the Arizona Cardinals

Aquip Talip: Me too Joe

Ben Allbright is reporting the Los Angeles Chargers have a ton of interest in him, which is super interesting

Joe McAtee: That’d be fun

#FightForLA and whatnot

Aquip Talip: Would be awesome for the Chargers

Nobody is more exciting on the field than him

You guys got any takes for Allen’s best fit?

Like Mule said, he’s the wildcard

Joe McAtee: Cleveland?


Hamilton, Canada?

Aquip Talip: Hmm, they wouldn’t like him

BMule: Best fit to succeed? Cleveland probably

New Browns Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley is a psycho, but he can put together great offenses

Joe McAtee: Cleveland is gonna get such a haul


Aquip Talip: Just take 4 QB’s

Joe McAtee: I can’t wait for the first trade to come in and just completely wreck the draft

Mitchell Trubisky-style

Aquip Talip: God I hate and love the draft

Joe McAtee: I love and love and love the draft

BMule: So the Jets have one more trade is what you’re saying

Joe McAtee: Maybe they do!

Aquip Talip: Onto our final Q for the day:

Should the Rams draft a replacement for Lamarcus Joyner ?

Joe McAtee: Sigh. Probably.

Aquip Talip: I can see both sides to this story

First, I do expect him to leave, unfortunately

Joe McAtee: Me too

Aquip Talip: But I’m really high on Blake Countess. So I would have 0 issue with him starting in ‘19

BMule: I don’t like the way the question is framed but yes they should draft a safety

Joe McAtee: Lamarcus is ya boi, Mule

Any discussion of Lamarcus leaving is going to stir some emotions in you

BMule: I believed very hard last year

Aquip Talip: On the other flip of the coin, like we talked about earlier, the Rams have had a ton of success in the secondary

Would they be smart to take another?

BMule: Absolutely it would be smart at S and CB

It’s one thing that Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips and former Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher teams excel at is identifying and developing DBs from every resource level

Joe McAtee: They’ve done it for years

BMule: And it’s never a bad idea to prep for the future

Aquip Talip: That’s what makes me think Countess could be a stud!

BMule: I love Blake Countess

I love all the Rams DBs

Aquip Talip: You have so many children

Joe McAtee: I name-dropped LMJ in the piece yesterday about the visits

With Dane Cruikshank

Aquip Talip: Very interesting they’re bringing in Cruikshank

Doesn’t mean much, but it at least shows interest in the secondary

BMule: Historically, this plays out one way.

Joe McAtee: He gone

Aquip Talip: Yeah, he gone

BMule: And as much as fans bitch about it, it works out

Joe McAtee: It has so far for sure

BMule: There’s little reason to think it can’t continue to work out. Not ideal, but not the crippling blow we are supposed to believe it is

Aquip Talip: Just as the Rams did this year with CB Trumaine Johnson and WR Sammy Watkins, they’ll play the comp pick game again next year when DL Ndamukong Suh and Joyner leave probably fetching two 3rd’s as compensatory picks

I’m fine with it as of right now

BMule: Did anyone expect the Rams CBs to be what they are now?

Joe McAtee: Hell no

I will say it now that I would like us to actually keep our draft picks next year

BMule: People were terrified Trumaine Johnson was franchise tagged twice (edited)

Joe McAtee: I miss the draft

Aquip Talip: Yeah I think they’ll be fine

To sign an elite CB like Marcus Peters you got to lose somewhere else

Joe McAtee: They gonna re-sign Peters?

Aquip Talip: I hope so

BMule: Who gets signed first?

Joe McAtee: #paytheman

Please please please just effing pay him already

BMule: Peters, WR Brandin Cooks, DL Aaron Donald, Joyner, Saffold, Havenstein,

On and on

Aquip Talip: Uhhhh Donald?

BMule: Not who deserves it...

Who is getting that first deal...

Aquip Talip: Uhhhh Donald?

Joe McAtee: Watch it be Cooks

BMule: I ain’t betting on Donald lmao

Joe McAtee: Sadly I’m not either

Aquip Talip: Spill the beans then!

You got your shot, stake your claim

BMule: I’m with Joe, watch it be Cooks or Havenstein

Aquip Talip: Can’t wait to check back on this, I hope you’re both very wrong

BMule: No ones saying to not sign Donald

Joe McAtee: Maybe I need to squeeze please into it #pleasepaytheman

BMule: Watch it be Gurley

I’d cry

I’d die

I would wear a rams draft hat

Joe McAtee: I do not want to continue this conversation

Aquip Talip: Anyways, I guess that wraps up another Slack Chat! Thanks for tuning in.

Thanks for tuning in. Who are your predictions for the top three? Any prospect you’d pound the table for?

Stay tuned for next week.