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The Aqib Talib trade: A Q&A with Mile High Report

Tim Lynch from Mile High Report, the SB Nation community for fans of the Denver Broncos, gives us some insight on the star cornerback and how he’ll change the Rams’ defense.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams shocked the NFL yesterday by acquiring the services of CB Aqib Talib from the Denver Broncos, giving up a fifth-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. We linked up with Tim Lynch, the managing editor at Mile High Report, SB Nation’s community for Broncos fans, to tell us more about about the game-changing corner from their vantage point.

Thanks for talking with us. The idea that LA Rams traded for Aqib Talib is still sinking in on our side. We’re coming to the conclusion that this offseason is going to be 100% nuts and this is just the beginning. Now, we know that he was vocal about wanting to leave, but on your side, what did you guys expect was going to happen with Talib in the offseason? Are you happy with the compensation you guys got back?

We fully expected Talib to end up being released. Why would teams give up draft capital for a guy who is going to get cut anyway? So yeah, we are definitely happy that the Broncos were able to move him and gain something beyond the $10m in cap space.

Since you guys have watched Talib for a while, what are aspects of his game that Rams fans can look forward to? Any aspects of his play that don’t often get talked about in the national media?

Talib is an enforcer. You will find that the nasty edge the Broncos defense has had since 2014 was largely through the attitude and competitive nature of Talib. He is aging, but I have always believed the type of cornerback that ages the best are those that win by being the most physical. That is 100% Aqib Talib. The Rams defense is going to be crazy good if, and I emphasize if, Marcus Peters and Talib can gel like Talib and Chris Harris Jr. did.

Obviously a guy like Talib is a big personality and it’s hard for a franchise to keep him content with the way things are going all the time. What do you think the Rams need to do to make a guy like Talib happy on the team?

Nothing. Talib has an unfair reputation. His biggest strength is also is biggest weakness, which is that he is loyal to a fault. His loyalty to T.J. Ward is why his time in Denver rapidly came to an end despite him playing at such an elite level in 2017.

He loves Wade Phillips and that defense has the same pieces in place that Denver had in 2014-15, so the potential for a championship run is there. As long as the Rams live up close to that potential, Talib is going to be the ultimate teammate. He is a fiery conpetitor, which means he will ge restless is the franchise hits a rough patch or starts parting ways players Talib is close to.

That said, he will be fine for the next two years of his contract anyway, so you have nothing to worry about from a “keeping him happy” standpoint.

Thanks to Tim for the insight.