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Random Ramsdom: 3/30 Team needs coming to light

The Rams made history with male cheerleaders and having some minor needs to address.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFC West needs come to light | CBS Sports

According to CBS Sports, the Los Angeles Rams needs start with linebackers, inside and outside.

Rams Radio session | ESPN

The Rams need linebackers to help support their elite secondary and defensive line.

Rams remain the front runner for OBJ | NY Daily News

Odell Beckham Jr. may be on the move soon and the Rams are definitely interested and in position to capitalize.

Odell reported told Rams players he wants in | CBS Sports

Per sources, the Giants wide receiver ‘wants in’ on joining the Rams and winning.

James Daniels to visit Rams | Ramswire

Despite signing Jonathan Sullivan to a new deal, the Rams will still look at a potential first round pick at center/guard in James Daniels from Iowa.

NFL owners to vote on debt limit for new Rams development | BR

The Rams are requesting a higher debt limit to build the stadium complex.

Rams become first team with male cheerleaders | Maxim

Cheerleaders will now be male and female for the Los Angeles Rams as they become the first franchise to have both.