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Random Ramsdom 3/29: LA Rams have male cheerleaders, but what about OBJ?

The asking price for Odell Beckham Jr.: two first round picks, yet the Rams are still considered frontrunners to win him in a trade.

NBA All-Star Game 2018 Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

First-ever male cheerleaders in NFL history describe Rams auditions | ABC News

(VIDEO) This is cool news. I’m actually excited about this. You know who was a male cheerleader in high school? Steve Martin. Good for these guys and good for the Los Angeles Rams organization for being the first NFL team to do this.

Rams release hype video for trip of Brockers, Donald, and Suh | Rams Wire

Man, I do love myself a good hype video and this one does not disappoint. DT Michael Brockers is the underrated guy in all of this. He’s a beast.

Five reasons why Rams are leading contenders for Beckham Jr. | New York Daily News

Wow, this is a compelling piece to read, especially since I’m a little doubtful that Odell Beckham Jr. going to the Rams can actually happen. But good points are made... it’s worth checking out.

Where will Suh play in the Rams defense? | Rams official site

Rams inside Myles Simmons breaks down Suh’s role on the defensive line. Spoiler: he’s going to play the tackle position/one-technique.

New York Giants want two first round picks for Odell Beckham Jr. | LA Times

The Los Angeles Rams are keeping their options open, but it seems like this trade is a long shot at best. But who knows? The Ndamukong Suh signing wasn’t a sure thing, so who knows?

Ndamukong Suh, Aaron Donald equal a nightmare matchup for Seahawks | ESPN

I hate the Seattle Seahawks so much. This article makes me very happy.

The half-full, half-empty approach to looking at the LA Rams | Field Gulls

Boo hoo. The LA Rams look too good on paper. They’re not as young as they used to be. Boo hoo. I guess it’s hard to be a Seahawks fan now that your team is about as relevant as Smash Mouth.

LA Rams remaining moves after signing Ndamukong Suh | Fan Sided

This serves as a basic primer for the needs that the Rams probably have to address during the rest of the offseason.

WATCH: Rams mailbag | Rams official site

D’Marco Farr and Myles Simmons answer your questions in the latest edition of Mailbag, which includes: active free agency, Suh in Wade’s system and trade rumors.