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Random Ramsdom 3/28: LA Rams are all in

The early verdicts are in: the Los Angeles Rams are having a brilliant offseason and the NFL has many reasons to be scared.

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Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumors: Rams 23rd pick is open | Bleacher Report

There’s a lot of talk about this possible trade that would surely make waves in the NFL. Even if it doesn’t pan out, it’s fun to see the Rams in an aggressive mode.

Rams, Vikings making Super Bowl push |

Adam Schein takes a look at the offseason moves that have already gone down in the first couple weeks of the 2018 season and places the Los Angeles Rams at #1. As he should. Because we have to just admit it right now, the Rams are Super Bowl quality.

Rams betting stars align despite adding personalities | USA Today

Could all this change be a good thing for the chemistry of the Los Angeles Rams? “In Talib, Peters and Suh, the Rams have added three larger-than-life — and, at times, strong-willed — personalities.” We not me, guys. We not me.

Sean McVay’s coaching chops will be tested with recent additions | ESPN

With some choice quotes from McBae, Alden Gonzalez makes the point that all of the responsiblity for handling potential volatility with the defensive unit can’t fall squarely on Wade Phillips’ shoulders.

NFL owners approve new catch rule for 2018 season | Rams official site

This is not specific to the Rams, but still an important read. There are new, simplified rules on what defines a catch in the NFL.

Coach Sean McVay address Beckham trade rumors | ESPN

Sean McVay said all the right things when asked about the rumors of Odell Beckham Jr. coming to Los Angeles in a trade. “There’s no trade we wouldn’t explore or look into if we feel like it can upgrade us as a team.”

Will the Rams add another player via trade? | Rams official site

Rams insider Myles Simmons uses quotes from Coach Sean McVay to wonder aloud if the Rams will add another big player to the roster in the next couple of weeks.

NFL reportedly raising debt limit on Rams stadium after project nears 5 billion | CBS Sports

Now, this 5 billion price tag is for the entire construction project, including a complex and HQ for the NFL.

Price tag for Rams and Chargers’ stadium nears $3 billion | LA Times

If you’re a subscriber, check out Sam Farmer’s take on the rising costs of the new home to the Rams and the renters.

Does new LA Rams DT Ndamukong Suh have anything left? | Newsweek

Newsweek should be ashamed of themselves. This article is basically a long tweet based in speculation. It’d be like writing an article with the headline, “Aaron Rogers is aging. What’s up with that?”

With Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald, Rams defense will be terrifying | Washington Post

Using stats from Pro Football Focus, the hype for this defensive line is already at a fever pitch.

Rams Super Bowl odds crash after Suh signing | Yahoo Sports

Overnight, the Rams went from an 18-1 favorite to 12-1. This is going to be fun.

What they’re saying: Rams sign Suh | Rams official site

A collection of reactions about the Los Angeles Rams’ recent signing of Ndamukong Suh.

Mind boggling stats: Ndamukong Suh |

Guys, check out these “mind-boggling stats” from Suh’s career in Detroit and Miami.

Kyle Brandt: Rams have an ensemble cast | Rams official site

(VIDEO) Watch this clip from Good Morning Football from the NFL Network, in which Kyle Brandt throws some love at the LA Rams.

Les Snead and Kara Henderson detail Suh’s LA visit | Rams official site

Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead and his wife Kara Henderson join the Around the NFL podcast to discuss Ndamukong Suh’s recent visit to Los Angeles.

LA Rams sign Ndamukong Suh: my three thoughts | Fan Sided

There’s a notable point made this in this post regarding the flaws of having Suh on the defensive line. It’ll be flag day every Sunday (I’m so sorry).