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Random Ramsdom: Suh-spense is over!

It’s Brockers-Suh-Donald in 2018. And it’s beautiful.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Rams sign Suh, discuss Beckham Jr. | LA Times

The Los Angeles Rams sign Ndamukong Suh but may not be done as they look to possibly add Odell Beckham Jr.

Suh a strong addition but questions remain |

The Rams bolstered their interior defense with Suh and Aaron Donald coming back. However, questions still linger on the edge.

NFL Insiders debate if Suh gives Rams best defensive line | ESPN

While the addition of Suh is huge, the Rams don’t have the depth on the edge in terms of pass rush like the Philadelphia Eagles do.

Odell being pursued in a trade by Rams | Daily News

Odell Beckham Jr. being pursued by the Rams as LA continues to build on strong offseason.

Does Suh have anything left? | Newsweek

Less than a year younger than Coach Sean McVay, does Ndamukong Suh have enough in the tank to make a big impact?

Mock Draft analysis | Ramswire

In the latest run of mock drafts, the Rams select OLB Marcus Davenport.

TST Takes

Rams sign Suh

After the Jets dropped out, the Rams win the Suh sweepstakes.

Tempering expectations with reality

The Rams added Suh and are pursuing Beckham Jr. but expectations shouldn’t outpace the reality of this team.

Rumor: Rams have discussed OBJ

Rams lost Sammy Watkins but maybe the WR in New York needs a change of scenery.

PFF: Run Blocking Tackles

The Rams were blesssed with great offensive line play, including the second highest run-blocking grade in the NFL from tackle Rob Havenstein (surprisingly not Andrew Whitworth).