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NFL Rumor: The LA Rams have discussed potential trade for Giants’ WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Imagine what Sean McVay could do with Odell Beckham Jr.

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

If you were under the impression that Monday was simply going to be a day for NFL rumors to ease their way into the work week, you’d be wrong. While at the annual owners meeting in Orlando, New York Giants owner John Mara has this to say regarding more potential trades following a trade that sent defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul to Tampa Bay:

No one is untouchable.” We may soon find out.

This morning, NFL Network’s reported Ian Rapoport dropped a heater, stating that Odell Beckham Jr. - who was taken one spot ahead of Rams’ defensive tackle Aaron Donald in the 2014 NFL Draft - had no intentions of playing until his contract situation was sorted out.

To take it one step further, per sources, NY Daily News reporter Pat Leonard posted this article on Monday, stating that a potential trade that would land OBJ in Los Angeles was far more than a hypothetical.

The L.A. Rams, according to multiple NFL sources, already have talked with the Giants about possibly trading for the dynamic wide receiver and turning him from a Big Apple phenom into a Hollywood star.

A couple things here. First is the matter of what it would take for this trade to occur. Leonard offered up a hypothetical.

The Rams hypothetically could give the Giants their 23rd overall pick in this year’s first round, a later round pick and perhaps wide receiver/kick returner Tavon Austin, who has just one year at an $8 million cap hit remaining on his restructured deal. Austin, 28, is dynamic but didn’t see much action in McVay’s offense in 2017.

Again, hypothetical, but in this scenario the Rams cough up their 23rd pick this year, and send Tavon Austin and his salary ($5M + $3M in incentives) packing.

It’d be hard to argue against it, EXCEPT...

There’s the small (very large) matter of actually paying him. Beckham Jr. clearly wants to get paid. And he’ll want to get paid a lot — $18M per year would make him the highest paid wideout in the game. If the Rams can make it work (they have boat loads of money in the upcoming years) then I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t make entertain the idea.

We’ve got a long way to go before we can consider this anything more than discussion amongst owners/GM’s/coaches during a nice weekend in Orlando. But it sounds as if the Rams are potentially very serious about the idea of adding one of the league’s most dynamic play-makers to their offense.