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Saturday Evening Open Thread: Hoops-n-stuffs

This thing’s got hoops. And you know it’s got stuffs

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Loyola vs Nevada Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there, Ramily. Happy Saturday evening to ya! It’s a quiet Saturday in the NFL world, so I thought I’d freshen things up a bit with an open thread. The primary purpose, I suppose, is to serve the basketball lover in us all (or you all). But you know I’ve got to throw a bunch of randomness in here just for the sake of gettin’ to know one another. So let’s get after it.


How’s your bracket looking? I can’t imagine it’s looking great...unless you’re one of like 350 people out of 17+ million (in ESPN alone), who had correctly picked the first four teams to get into the Elite 8. It looks like we’ve got a few more serious underdogs going tonight. Leggo Loyola fill-in-the-mascots!!!

Tomorrow’s slate looks to have a bit more of a chalk slate, but here’s to the madness! What games are you most excited about? Who are you pulling for? (p.s. - I hope Duke and Kansas both find a way to lose that game)

Rams Football

I’ll keep it brief and ask two questions...

  1. Do you still think the Rams stand the best chance of landing Ndamukong Suh, regardless of recent report(s) that the Jets are throwing out the most cash? And,
  2. Which player do you want the Rams to draft in the 3rd round? First round mocking has kind of lost it’s luster. And a 3rd round player can make an immediate impact. Who ya got?

Bate’s thoughts

  1. I do. I think the Jets’ offer has been on the table for a while. It may be what’s keeping Suh from making a quick decision, but I do think his meeting with the Rams went very well, and I think a part of him (I don’t know if it’s a larger part than wanting cash) really does want to win. Advantage Rams in the latter category. I think it’s noteworthy that he hasn’t even visited the Jets, though.
  2. If no Suh, maybe Tim Settle. With Suh, how’s Josh Sweat sound?

Free Agency

Any players out there - aside from Suh - you’re really hoping the Rams go after? A lot of the more recognizable names are clearly off the board, but there’s still talent to be had.

Who ya lookin’ at?

Whatcha Watchin’?

I always have to ask, because I’m always in need of good TV. Right now, the Mrs. and I are pretty much relegated to The Detour, The Mick, and Drunk History — all of which are comedies (go figure). Sadly, we’re also still tuning into the 119th season of The Walking Dead. We can’t quit, and I don’t know why.

I’m excited that there’s another season of WestWorld coming out soon. Loved the first season.

But what are you folks tuning into? I’m always open to recommendations, no matter how dumb I’ll tell you they are after you propose them.

Whatcha sippin’ on?

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for...the part where we talk booze. I’ve found a recent, and deep, appreciation for Basil Hayden’s bourbon. It’s the smoothest whiskey I’ve ever had. If you’re a bourbon lover, I strongly suggest you give it a shot — neat, on the rocks, or however you want to enjoy it.

I’ve also got some Three Notch’d Minute Man IPA’s in the fridge in case this stuff starts going down too quickly, which there’s a strong likelihood it will.

How about you? What’s your beverage of choice on this fine Saturday evening?