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TST Weekly Slack Chat: Ndamukong Suh coming to town?

The TST Slack trio talk about the potential addition of Ndamukong Suh, and what sort of impact it has on the Rams

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Welcome back to another TST Slack Chat.

Previous slack chats:

This week, 3k, BMule and I discuss the possibility of DL Ndamukong Suh joining the Los Angeles Rams’ defensive line, what that means for DL Aaron Donald going forward, and what the NFC West looks like.

Hittman (TST contributor Sosa Kremenjas): Welcome back to another episode of Slack Chat

Joe McAtee (TST contributor 3k): I love Sosa the Announcer

Like we’re coming back from commercial

Hittman: As we await for a big domino to fall in DL Ndamukong Suh, we can discuss his impact

Let’s jump into question #1:

Does Suh make sense for the Rams, and what does he do for the defense as a whole?

Joe McAtee: He gud

BMule (TST contributor BMule): Unless you’re CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco, what’s the problem?

Hittman: Lol

He’s unreal. I’m all in on it

Joe McAtee: As a talent addition, he makes sense for all 32 teams

BMule: Not sure why people get so caught up in running a 3-4

Joe McAtee: Me either

Hittman: Yeah that’s just semantics at this point

BMule: He’s a really good player. The goal is to have a lot of those

Joe McAtee: The only aspect that gives me pause is the effect on Aaron Donald

Not pause in terms of not signing him

If you can get Suh, you get Suh

Hittman: Are you talking in terms of angering him?

Joe McAtee: Not necessarily angering him, but the sheer existence of the situation

Aaron Donald played last year for $2m. Worth $20m+ on the market.

He’s losing millions of dollars, essentially, to the CBA

And here comes Ndamukong Suh after raking from the Dolphins and set to rake again

BMule: He was 3 picks too late under the CBA

Joe McAtee: He was 3 picks too late

BMule: It cost him millions on the 5th year

Hittman: Interesting

But I mean, what’s the alternative? Isn’t that just “the way it is” at this point?

BMule: Yeah

Joe McAtee: Yup

Y’all think he holds out again?

BMule: So, about Suh’s impact.....

Hittman: Do we all agree he should get a long term deal before this season?

BMule: Should and will are different but yes he should

Joe McAtee: If we’re going all the way with “should”, he “should” have gotten one last year

Hittman: Agreed on that too Joe

I think he would probably hold out of training camp, but only because he’s shown it literally won’t affect him in any way

Joe McAtee: And it’s the only thing he can do to pressure the Rams one way or another

No clue how much they budged last year behind closed doors

Hittman: I think he should, and I think he will get one this offseason

Joe McAtee: I hope so

Hittman: Me too

Joe McAtee: #paytheman

Hittman: Even though I’m not confident, I always lean to “they can’t be that stupid, can they?”

BMule: Pasteroos (Editor’s note: This is TST Stylebook for Rams Senior Assistant Tony Pastoors.)

Hittman: Does it help if someone like Khalil Mack gets inked first? Jadeveon Clowney? Or no?

Joe McAtee: I don’t think so

Like if you’re not top dog, maybe. But it’s Aaron Donald.

Hittman: Won’t Mack sort of help set the price tag in a sense?

Joe McAtee: I’m sure the Rams hope so

Hittman: It almost sounds unanimous that whoever bites the bullet and goes first makes it easier for the other one to get not only done

But to jump the price tag by a small amount

BMule: Rams would be wise to go first then

Joe McAtee: I guess it all depends on the market

BMule: #market

Joe McAtee: He’s gonna break the record regardless, right?

Hittman: Yeah

BMule: I’ll end the Donald talk with this

Everyone knows he’s gonna get paid. everyone knows he deserves it. Everyone (should) know the enormous amount of cap space awaiting the Rams after 2018.

Hittman: Yes on all fronts

BMule: It may have taken longer than anticipated but that $ is coming one way and time or another

Hittman: Agreed Mule


Hittman: Okay, so if Suh comes along, does he play NT or DE?

Joe McAtee: I think he’d be great at the nose

BMule: I think he can do both along with Michael Brockers

Joe McAtee: Agreed Mule

Hittman: Does he make the ILB duo of Mark Barron and Cory Littleton more acceptable?

Joe McAtee: Yeah I guess so!

BMule: You could mix and match the Rams’ big 3 however you want

Hittman: Does he soften the blow if an OLB doesn’t get drafted at pick #23?

BMule: Yes

He’s a game changer

Joe McAtee: Yeah

Hittman: For all those reasons it’s almost a must-add at this point

Joe McAtee: If you can get Suh, you get Suh

Hittman: Imagine being able to mix all three DE’s up front and get stud production from all of them?

Can you imagine the havoc Suh/AD would have on the inside on passing downs?

BMule: There’s gonna be a large faction of people upset there’s not a NT...Who cares about a two-down player at that point if Suh is here?

Hittman: He’s amazing lol

What’s there to be upset about?

He can rush the passer effectively and is still terrific vs the run. He’s complete

BMule: “He doesn’t fit the 3-4 mold so how will it work?”

Joe McAtee: Do the Rams have any shot at signing him at a multi-year deal?

Or is their only pitch for 2018?

Hittman: Hmm. I don’t see why not

BMule: It’s greater than 0%

Hittman: I think most likely it’ll be a push for 1-2 years

BMule: But for all parties involved a 1-year deal might be best

Hittman: While you still have guys like Talib/Whitworth locked in, and before guys like Goff/Peters rake in biiiig money

Joe McAtee: What a world

Hittman: I disagree. Why would Suh want a 1-year deal? He’s 31. I’m sure he wants to find one place where he can settle down for the next 3 years and walk off into the sunset

He’s made almost $130M in his career. If nobody breaks the bank for him now, why would a team do it in 1 year’s time when he’s 32?

To me it makes more sense to find a competitive team for 3-4 years while still collecting a decent amount.

BMule: Bad teams always look for an Andrew Whitworth and he’ll definitely have that appeal

Hittman: Maybe, but Whit had less NFL years on him at that point

BMule: Also it doesn’t really matter if I think a 1-year deal is best.

Joe McAtee: I’d be shocked if “nobody” is willing to break the bank on him this year

Hittman: What’s bank-breaking? I’d think at least over $15M APY

Joe McAtee: For sure

Hittman: Not sure he’s sniffing that

Joe McAtee: Then a lot of fans should be angry at their teams

Hittman: I mean, if he still hasn’t decided between the Rams, the New Orleans Saints and the Tennessee Titans, and the Rams/Saints don’t have a ton to offer....

It either means 1) He’s ultra-serious about a ring, or 2) TEN isn’t breaking the bank either

Joe McAtee: Yeah, and I tend to lean towards #1

Which is why I wonder if the one-year thing is the angle

BMule: His agent knows New Orleans’ cap space....

It’s next to none

So to entertain them with a visit...yeah #1 is the move

Joe McAtee: We gonna get Suh?

BMule: Let’s get it

Hittman: I think so, I’m hopeful

Joe McAtee: Ugh, gonna be so many bad puns

So Suh me

Hittman: [Rams Head Strength and Conditioning Coach] Ted Rath needs to be the reason lol

Get him working out like old times, reminiscing

BMule: Can’t underestimate personal relationships, have to feel great about the Rams’ chances

Hittman: Yeah, it feels like when you factor in everything, the Rams probably have the lead

But $ always talks

BMule: Si si

Joe McAtee: I Suhpose

Hittman: Anyways, onto question #2:

This will be hard-er to answer prior to the draft, but how do you guys think the NFC West shakes out? Any team in particular that scares y’all?

Joe McAtee: Not necessarily “scared” of anyone in the NFL TBH

BMule: The Rams scare me. They’re gud

Joe McAtee: Yeah exactly

We can compete with anybody right now

BMule: I’m putting a fork in the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals and I don’t care who knows (edited)

Joe McAtee: Good piece at Field Gulls comparing the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers

Hittman: I’m not reading that

Joe McAtee: Suht yourself

BMule: Me neither

Hittman: I don’t think any team is particularly scary either

SF might be the biggest threat and they aren’t good

BMule: Not yet. They’re building

But it’s definitely going to be fun after last year

Joe McAtee: This year’s gonna be great

Hittman: If the Rams can add Suh, I think it’s pretty clear that the talent gap between them and the remainder of the NFC West is....... LARGE

Joe McAtee: UnSuhtably large!

BMule: Shut up

Hittman: Agreed

Thanks for tuning in. Are you guys on the “Suh or bust” train? Does that move take the Rams defense to totally new heights? Let us know.