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Los Angeles Rams: Behind the Grind, Episode 1

The Rams’ offseason series on Facebook premiered tonight to cover how the staff and front office managed the schedule leading up to, through and beyond the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine.

Episode 1: Winning the Combine

In order to win the NFC West, you have to start by Winning the Combine. That is where the journey begins. Also, go behind the scenes with cornerback Kayvon Webster as he starts the rehabilitation process on his injured Achilles.

Posted by Behind the Grind on Thursday, March 15, 2018
Los Angeles Rams: Behind the Grind, Episode 1

The Los Angeles Rams are among the best franchises in the NFL in catering to their fan base by crafting top tier content at all levels. From Hard Knocks to All or Nothing to Hollywood and Football, the Rams arrived in Los Angeles last season to make sure that their first season in Los Angeles was as productive in front of the cameras as it was on the field.

But unlike those series that were produced outside the franchise boundaries, their new offseason series, Behind the Grind, is produced by the Rams’ in-house team...and it’s damn good.

This first episode focuses on the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine and how the Rams prepared for it including Cornerbacks Coach Aubrey Pleasant and Tight Ends Coach/Passing Game Coordinator Shane Waldron. There’s also a well-done segment covering CB Kayvon Webster and his recovery from the Achilles injury he suffered in December.

If this is the standard to expect from this series regardless of how many episodes get made, it’ll be worth it. As Rams COO/VP Kevin Demoff suggested about a year and half ago, the Rams are a content production company.

If this series’ premiere is any indication, the Rams are committed to doing it well.