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Los Angeles Rams place “right of first refusal tender” on restricted free agent EDGE Matt Longacre

The Rams aren’t offering a larger salary to Longacre, but they might end up losing him as a result.

Los Angeles Rams OLB Matt Longacre sacks Indianapolis Colts QB Scott Tolzien
Los Angeles Rams OLB Matt Longacre sacks Indianapolis Colts QB Scott Tolzien
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have used the lowest level tender on restricted free agent EDGE Matt Longacre:

Teams can use four tenders on restricted free agents: a first-round tender, a second-round tender, an original round tender and the right of first refusal tender the Rams used on Longacre.

In the case of the first three, the team that loses a RFA would receive a matching pick in the following year’s NFL Draft. So if the Rams had placed a first-round tender on Longacre and another team offered and the Rams opted not to sign him to the same deal, Longacre would sign the contract and the Rams would receive a first-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. The other difference is the salary:

So had the Rams tendered Longacre at a first-round level, they’d have to pay him $4.15m. As is, they’ll be on the hook for $1.9m. Other teams can offer Longacre, but the Rams could just sign him to whatever he’s offered in that case. I would guess that based on Longacre going on IR with a back injury and the Rams’ roster need at OLB, the Rams are (a) expecting offers to be a bit depressed and (b) willing to meet the market on Longacre.

We’ll have to see if any competitive offers come in.

As it stands, the Rams are keeping one of their rotational rushers in house at a very inexpensive rate.