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La Canfora: Los Angeles Rams actively working to bring back Sammy Watkins

A small update on the Rams plans to bring back Sammy Watkins

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With the Los Angeles Rams franchise tagging S Lamarcus Joyner over WR Sammy Watkins, it was easy to imagine scenarios where the Rams would let their talented wide receiver that they traded a second round pick for the previous season to walk.

It appears that the Rams are attempting to bring back Watkins. Jason Canfora wrote an update on the Rams and their effort to bring Sammy Watkins back to the fold.

Sammy Watkins may end up doing a bridge contract similar to Robinson’s. We’ll see if he hits that $14M threshold, but the Rams are working actively to retain him, sources said, and Watkins is open to staying there. His injury history gives a lot of teams pause, but the overall paucity of high-end pass catchers available bodes well for him.

This would seem to match a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport that suggested the Rams were “aggresively” looking to re-sign him.

For both parties a deal would make sense. For the Rams getting a deal done before free agency would prevent another team from officially inviting Watkins for a visit and wining and dine. For Watkins, he can return to the team that not only has Superbowl aspirations but play in a system that could allow him to flourish after a full season under his belt. Also a one to two year extension would allow the Watkins to get a shot at the Superbowl and then makr his payday if he proves that he is as good as the Rams hope he will be.

So the big question is what does this all mean? From what I am thinking it appears that the Rams would like to keep Watkins on a fair prove it contract. There is a chance that a team like the Chicago Bears or San Francisco 49ers throw money at Watkins in an attempt to lure him away from the Rams.

If that happens, it will be tough to see the Rams “actively” or “aggressively” matching that price.