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The TST Design Contest

Hey talented designers/Rams fans! Let’s have some fun and come up with a new logo for the LAPD!

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titan Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams made some significant strides with their secondary in the past couple weeks. With cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters joining forces with safeties Lamarcus Joyner and John Johnson III, the pass defense looks like a bunch of enforcers. Next season is going to be pretty fun to watch.

And like Showtime with the Los Angeles Lakers and Lob City with the Los Angeles Clippers, a nickname for this group seems like a no-brainer.

UPDATE: You can make up any nickname you want, it doesn’t have to be LAPD. You guys got a better idea? Seems like you do, judging form the comments. So let’s hear them!

So, I know there’s a lot of Rams fans that are great with graphic design, so this is your chance to come up with a logo. Something that looks good on a T-shirt -- have fun with it.

We’ll post the best submissions on the site and if everything works out, we’ll even have T-shirts.

Email your submissions to The deadline is March 31st!