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Random Ramsdom 2/8: Les Snead’s job is safe... for now

Slow news day? You bet. But we got Les Snead praise, mock drafts, and another team that has their sights on Tavon Austin.

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NFL: Eric Dickerson Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 5 ways GM Les Snead kept his job | ESPN

Seriously, guys... all of us thought that Les Snead was a lame duck GM at the start of last season. And now look at him! He still looks like a guy who consistently has a keg of Natty Light in his kitchen. However, the guy had a great draft, fixed the O-line, and made some savvy free agent signings. But can he resign his own players with smart contracts? We’ll have the offseason to fret about that. But for now, good on Snead.

The Rams’ 5 biggest offseason questions in 2018 | Rams Wire

Who are the cap casualties that won’t be Rams next season? Who (Ahem, Aaron Donald) will get an extension? These are the type of pressing questions that USA Today is asking.

Todd Gurley named PFF top-graded running back | Rams official site

With a 91.9 grade, it’s safe to call RB Todd Gurley an elite running back.

Rams mock draft roundup | Rams official site

Are you a cornerback headed for the NFL combine that’s projected to be a late first round pick? Then you’re probably going to be selected at 23 to the LA Rams in a boatload of mock drafts.

What the Rams can learn from the Super Bowl Champs | Ramblin’ Fan

Can the LA Rams glean any wisdom from the Super Bowl run made by the Philadelphia Eagles? Sure! Is coach Sean McVay similar to coach Doug Peterson? I guess? Are the LA Rams capable of doing what the Eagles did next year? You bet.

Tavon to the Jets? |

Everyone wants a piece of Tavon. I guess the New York Jets want to run some gadget plays with a guy making silly money? Good luck, guys. By the way, if you had to bet 100 bucks on whether the Jets will finish next season with a future star QB, what you do? My money is on some sad sack that we’ll be surprised is still in the league. You know what? Upon further review, the Jets are a perfect team for Tavon Austin.

Inglewood adds big apartment complex near Rams new stadium | Real Deal

This article takes a look at how the neighborhood surrounding the upcoming Rams stadium is going to change. Gentrification is easy when you have billions of dollars floating into the city.