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Random Ramsdom 2/28: Scoutin’

Now that the Los Angeles Rams have made their splashy trade, what are they looking for at the NFL combine?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

GM Les Snead previews the 2018 NFL Combine | Rams official site

Snead is a veteran of the NFL combines, saying of the event: “If you’re trying to win the West, you should probably have an urgency to win that Combine. But if you’re trying to repeat as champions of the West — guess what — you should try to win that Combine,”

How rookie-deal rentals are changing NFL team building | The Ringer

Will more trades be happening now that a trend has been established involving Pro-Bowl players at the end of their rookie deal? Hello, Sammy Watkins and Aaron Donald. This is a great piece from one of my favorite sites these days.

Rams made a move to win more than the division | Ramblin’ Fan

The Los Angeles made a splashy trade this week to acquire CB Marcus Peters for multiple draft picks (but no first rounder), and some are starting to think the LA rams could be headed for the Super Bowl.

Here is how the NFL schedule could shape up this year | New York Business Journal

Interested in some educated guesswork as to when and where the LA Rams will pop up on the prime time schedule in 2018? Check this out.

LA rams to hold cheerleader auditions | Highland Park Patch

This is your chance, don’t blow it.

Sean McVay seen next to Baker Mayfield on a plane | Ramblin’ Fan

This is an article that someone wrote and then they published it. And now I’m writing about it. This world is something else.